Ancient manuscripts and various religious writings have long propounded the power of thought.

Studies of the writings of Aristotle, Buddha, Plato, Epictetus, the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita and other ancient manuscripts and individuals and religions show the power of thought has been known for centuries. Many of those teachings have been ignored or overlooked by the masses of humankind.

It wasn't until the 19th century that writings and teachings concerning the power of thought began their rapid spread. Many consider James Allen and his booklet "As A Man Thinketh" to have been the beginning of what is called "New Age Thinking."

The basic premise is that our thoughts control our destiny and most of our external circumstances. One can hardly deny the truth of this statement when considering the events of history. There are many great examples of the power of thought.

Nikolai Tesla, one of the greatest inventors of all time, created everything and tested it in his mind before it was produced. And once produced it worked exactly as he envisioned.

Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Samuel Morse, Alexander Bell and Leonardo Da Vinci, just to name a few, created everything in their minds before it became a reality.

The power of the mind (thought) to cure allegedly incurable diseases has been well documented. Where all else has failed, the power of mind has been shown to succeed.

In the face of ample evidence some of us continue to disbelieve the power of thought. This is tantamount to saying electricity or gravity do not exist because we cannot see them. This changes radically the first time you experience an electrical shock or a painful fall.

Perhaps we have tried using our thoughts to achieve some goal or obtain some material object which, regardless of our efforts, remained beyond our reach.

When our objectives failed to materialize within the time frame we had set for them, we gave up and decided there was little or no power in thoughts. It may well have been, had we persisted but a little longer, our objectives would have been met.

We at times think, "yes, it will work for others, but it will not work for me." This statement falls completely flat when you look at the wide range of those who have used the power of thought to obtain the results they desired.

When I say wide range, I mean from those totally illiterate and physically handicapped to those with great literacy and outstanding physiques. The circumstances of life and their backgrounds did not have much meaning. Using their thoughts they achieved what they wished.

Each and every one of us has the power of thought. We must simply develop and use it to the best of our abilities. It is like learning to walk. First we crawl, then we stand, then we walk. We cannot expect the full power of thought the first time we use it. It has to be nurtured and developed consistently and persistently.

We find over time the power of our thoughts gradually becomes more effective in achieving our objectives. Spend time developing and using your power of thought and you will be delighted with the results you obtain.

It is always available to you, so why not start using it now?

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Copyright 2001 by Robert Taylor
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