Is it knowledge, money, physique, intelligence, persistence, commitment, charisma, enthusiasm, skill, desire, need or attitude?

Or is it some combination of these?

All of these have a bearing on success. Your attitude does much to define your level of success.

You may have any or all of the items listed, however your attitude determines what you will do with them. You cannot succeed with a losing attitude. You cannot fail with a winning attitude.

What creates your attitude? Your outlook on life creates your attitude. You can look at everything that occurs in your life as positive and meaningful, and strive to make the best of everything.

On the other hand, you can look at everything as being negative and meaningless, and let yourself be defeated by it. The viewpoint is yours to choose.

You must have a burning desire to accomplish that which you set as your goal. A burning desire is your greatest accomplice in overcoming obstacles and achieving your goal or dream (or vision). This desire will keep you going through thick and thin. It will not allow you to quit until the desired effect is accomplished.

I once read something to the effect that if you are bound in such a manner you are rendered immobile and a burning coal is placed on your body, your desire to get rid of that burning coal would be awesome. Your entire focus would be on getting rid of that glowing ember. This is the type desire you need to accomplish your greatest feats.

You must know why you desire success in whatever you have chosen. Your why must be strong enough to overcome all obstacles. Those who know why will always achieve more than those who only know how. When the why is strong enough the how doesn't matter.

The right attitude, a strong desire and a well-defined why are the essential elements of success. These may well be used in conjunction with any or all of the items listed at the beginning of this article.

How we put these elements together and use them is strictly an individual matter. No two of us will use the exact same combination of elements to achieve our goals. We have but to find what works for us and give it our very best.

To your great success!

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Copyright 2001 by Robert Taylor

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