How does self-improvement apply to each of us? There is no one system or technique which applies equally across the board. There are numerous books, articles, teachers, techniques and schools of thought to guide us in our quest for self- improvement.

There are a number of common threads running throughout all of these. Here are just a few of them:

Treat others as you wish to be treated.

You become what you constantly think about.

You determine what you are and what you will be by the choices you make.

When you honestly and deeply believe something it will become true.

Eat, breathe and live as though you were wealthy and you will become wealthy.

When your main focus is on lack and poverty you will continue to be poor and lacking.

Visualize what you wish as though it were true right now and not at some future date.

Take action on your wishes (dreams, desires).

Life is but a journey which is taken one step at a time. All we ever have is the step we are currently taking.

The Kingdom of Heaven is within (know thyself, go into yourself to seek the truth, the inner journey is the most important).

All of these and the other common threads will apply to and be used by each of us in a different manner. What works for one person may not necessarily hold true for another. While it is true we can learn from others, we alone can make our journey. Nobody can do it for us.

We must take these teachings and doctrines and adapt them to our own unique needs, desires and wishes. We do this through self-study and observation to find those areas in which we need growth and development.

In conjunction with this, we need to research and study many different doctrines and teachings. From these we can determine those things that attract us and strike the note of truth within. You will know when something has the ring of truth to it.

A whole doctrine or line of teaching may only contain one or two principles which will apply to you, however these may be critical to your development. Try to be as open- minded as possible, but always verify the truth of the principle for yourself.

Never accept anything as being the truth for you until you have verified it for your own purposes. Another's truth may well be the direct opposite of your truth.

So long as you seek self-improvement and development you cannot fail. You will undoubtedly become discouraged at times because of a lack of any perceived gains. Should you feel you have hit a brick wall, simply regroup and try another technique or strategy.

No matter what you do or what happens, just do not quit. Those who continue to seek self-development and growth always win. It is simply a matter of time.

I wish you great satisfaction in your journey through life.

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Copyright 2001 by Robert Taylor
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