“At the moment you consciously make a choice, pay attention to how you feel.”

From The Law of Karma

We all find ourselves at times walking the edge between this and that, yes and no. . When you make a decision and you have a sense of “relief” you know it’s a right choice. Intuitive “hits” come in many forms- from sensory images, physical feelings and auditory and olfactory clues. When you are open to receiving and noticing “signs”, it becomes progressively easier to trust your intuition. The optimal receptive “state” has being “grounded” for a prerequisite. For instant grounding, connect with nature: take a walk, meditate at the ocean, listen to the birds, gaze at a flower. Spring is the perfect season to jumpstart your intuition. Or listen to a guided meditation, which you may listen to on the Moving Meditation(R) Fitness audio program: www.balanceandpower.com/movingmeditation.php The following tips help access your intuition are most effective when practiced on a daily basis:

• Be Quiet: Take time out every day to experience some form of stillness and silence. Calm your mind chatter with deep breathing or meditation. Releasing your need to know, analyze and think will allow intuition to work.
• Trust and Look for Signs: Be open to seeing signs and symbols and receiving information from all around you, including songs from the radio and street signs.
• Be Creative, Play!: Creativity and play partner well with intuition, as does getting into the “zone” with cardio exercise. Whenever you “lose track of the time and move into a “flow state” intuitive guidance may be at work.
• Take Risks and notice your intuitive hits happen!
• Be Inquisitive:When you ask yourself questions, you open to clarity and insight. The answers lie within us- get out of your own way so that the answers can surface and trust yourself.
• Write: Writing allows information and insight to come forth from your inner self. Take time to journal-or blog everyday. Connect moments of gratitude, synchronistic events and affirmations through writing.

Author's Bio: 

Eileen Lichtenstein is the founder and CEO of Balance and Power ™ and of Moving Meditation® Fitness. She has been in the training and coaching arena for 20 years. Eileen believes inner strength and being centered are keys to life and business management. She offers innovative training, speaking and coaching integrating mind body modalities with traditional coaching-training methods. Her work embodies stress management/reduction and work-life balance for individuals and groups, developing strategies to facilitate success. She is a former biofeedback therapist and faculty at Hofstra University. Eileen has recently added Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT-ADV to her toolbox, and is excited to share amazing results with her clients!

Her audio CD program, Moving Meditation® Fitness complements any stress management program, and is adaptable to “office yoga”.