What is TANTRA ?

"If you add the suffix "tra" (which expresses the instrumental) to the linguistic root "tan" (pull out, spread out), one indeed gets the word "Tantra" - literally the instrument to expand your consciousness in order to provide the basis for reaching spiritual enlightenment, a state which itself is the basis of being and the centre of unknown forces, which the Tantra tries to raise, to inspire and to use." André van Lysebeth

In western civilization we find a multitude of different meanings for the words “Tantra“ "tantric" and “Tantrism“, evoking a wide range of associations.
The integration of spirituality and sensuality is central to OUR definition of this term and to our way of practising Tantrism. Tantra is a life philosophy that respects all life forms, including the sexual side of human nature.

The body is the temple of the soul, and sexual energy is the strongest and most original source of the joy of life and powers that we possess. We understand sexual energy as one of the many aspects of human beings. Our work is based on the understanding of integrating feelings, body, mind and soul.


We aim to overcome the idea that sensual desire is something impure, dirty and evil. In a very affectionate way we take men and women alike on a sensual journey through their bodies, inducing an improved attitude of mind, of lust for life and of love for oneself.

During a Tantra Massage we arouse, bundle and distribute this sensual energy throughout the entire body.

Author's Bio: 

Born on the 29th of August 1969, she has studied psychology. During a seven month journey through South-East Asia, she attended training courses in Traditional Thai massage in Chiang Mai/Thailand (1991).

Courses in Original Tantramassage and Sensual Massage at Diamond Lotus Tantra Institut (the oldest tantric school in Germany). Courses in Chinese Tui-Na massage.

For several years she has been studying American Indian spirituality, including an education in Quodoushka, which teaches the traditional Indian connection of sexual and spiritual energies.

1997: creation of ANANDA - the Art of Touch, a place where well-trained and warm-hearted women offer the best and most holistic massages: Original Tantramassages and ANANDA-Massages.

Martina Weiser founded the tantric massage association and is the secretary of this association, more information is found here: