Have you ever thought of what it may be like to sit and have a conversation with your pet?

Many of us do on a physical level. We tell our dogs to sit and stay, our cats respond to us with a
happy purr when they get their loving scratch behind the ears.

What many of us are not aware of is that there are many levels that we can communicate on with our pets, speech and body language are just a part of a bigger picture.

Animal communicators understand that there are 4 basic levels that can be utilized with animals.
The first and most visible is the physical. Then there is the mental, emotional, and spiritual realms as well.

Animals speak us on a more energetic level. In fact many of them prefer it. Its called telepathy.
Telepathy is not just the art of sending thoughts to one another, but also pictures, feelings, sounds and smells.

The majority of us are familiar with that moment of awe when we see our pet for the very first time. The warm gushy feeling that comes over us just before we say, “that’s the one”. What we don’t know is that in that split second, our new animal is downloading everything about us. How we feel, who we are, and just about every image we have seen in our lives. Its true! The animal literally chooses us by looking into our heads, and seeing if we are a match.

And by match I mean, its spirit is deciding if we are on or close enough to what they need on a vibrational level. In the same time our spirit is doing this as well.

On the visual level animals watch our movements, our facial expressions etc., but did you know that they can also retain those images as we do and use them to speak with us?

When you come home from work your pet may not know what or where the facility is, but they sure know who you’ve been with, and what your experiences were that day. Not
Only do they smell it on you, they download your images of the day.

Have you ever been quietly sitting at home watching tv and your animal comes over and stares at you? Stop for a moment the next time this happens. Ask it what it wants then sit still breath and be silent. You may get an image or a thought. Respond to this in what ever way seems appropriate and see how your animal responds back to you.

We are so quick to suppose what our pets want, “are you hungry, do you want to go outside” that we seldom realize that if we just be quiet they will show us.

Then there is the Kinesthetic aspect of communicating. Again, that gushy feeling one gets when acquiring their animals is the “heart connection” we make with them. That one that tells the animal that we are a match on the vibrational level of feeling.

Animals are very adept at sending feelings, and many of us receive the information, we just have a hard time acknowledging it because we are not use to communication with words and body language.

Then there is the spirit. Communicating with animal guides, those who have crossed over, and by passing the conscious mind in order to speak directly with the higher aspects
Of the animal being communicated with.

Many people ask how I can “tap” into an animal if they are not present. Its actually quite easy. I tap in through the owners energy field. Our love for them, like for a child, is so great that they become a wide open door and a meeting place for the animal and myself.

The more open the owner, the easier the communication. This is also because if the owner is hesitant the animal will be too and protect itself in the same way as the owner,
By either shutting down, or putting up barriers.


try this with a friends pet. You know yours to well so it
May be difficult to be unbiased right now.

Get a picture of the animal. The eyes must be clear and visible.
Look into them and sit calmly and quietly.
You can say “I would like to connect to ______”
Then in your heart say hello.

If the pet is there with you , you may see a response,
especially if the animal has not been communicated with before.

Tell them its you and that you would like to speak with them and
That their owner has said that its okay to do so.
Then BE QUIET and see what comes.

This may take time. One of the reasons being that sometimes we
Get information and we don’t acknowledge it. Its okay, with time
You will be able to decipher what is and isn’t coming from your furry Friend.

Most importantly….Have fun!

Author's Bio: 

As a certified animal communicator Angel has had the pleasure of working in many different environments with many different species--birds, reptiles, horses and many, many more. She has heard the dreams of many animals and aided them in achieving their goals.

This years 2009 reserve champion at the Royal Canadian Winter Fair was one of them. It is horses like Lacey who would stop at nothing to get to her place in the spot light that helps Angel continue to strive in her goal to make society aware that animals need to be listened to and loved on a level far greater than many of us understand. They have hopes, aspirations, pain, joy and love like we do and deserve to be heard in every way that we can hear them.