So who’s not busy in their lives right now!

So many things to do, bills to pay, things to organise. We are lucky if we even get a decent full night’s sleep any more. Yet if we could just take that momentous decision to stop, reflect and pay attention to ourselves, we might just begin to start clearly seeing the many habits and patterns that have kept us asleep, confused and misguided for so long.

And with the growing practice of deepened awareness, we might even start to be able to choose to shift from the narrow outlook of our everyday busy personality to the all-embracing timeless generosity of our soul.

All this simply by choosing to change our focus and perspective. Being conscious of what’s happening frees us from being trapped in the game. Many of us have had that special glimpse of our spirit, our soul at some point in our lives, of our true, spiritual or higher nature. Can you remember the feeling you opened into at the sight of a beautiful sunset, for example when you felt your chest expand in gratitude and delight. It may have happened when listening to a moving piece of music or looking at a delicate and exquisite newly opened flower?

Yet for many this enlightening experience often seems all too quickly to fade back into the background instead of becoming joyously integrated or actualised into everyday living.

How do we keep it up?

Or will it remain a missed opportunity, a lost chance for real depth and richness, for living to our best potential. We need to become more rooted in the awareness of ourselves as something deeper and more essential, to recognise that our deeper nature is peace, harmony, joy and oneness. And we need to know that it is possible to bring this dimension into our everyday busy lives to keep it in focus and to live more consistently from this higher harmonious perspective.

Author's Bio: 

Joy is passionate about sharing the insights and experiences of her journey to freedom, with the world both in her speaking engagements and in her private practice. Her focus on Spiritual Growth, Healing and Fun is characterised by a fascinating blend of ancient and modern holistic and psychological approaches together with a wide experience of life and includes dynamic interactive meditation, creative coaching, visualisation, mindfulness, sacred clowning, energy therapies and inner spiritual adventures. In a flowing dynamic surrender to our Source of Being, Joy 'dances' with the inner wisdom of her clients through a gentle non-invasive soul searching experience, working at the deepest level, to facilitate an opening for self-healing to occur towards true, joyful awakening - for many a truly transformational experience.