4:49 AM … can’t sleep.

Actually, I’ve been awake most of the night. I just finally decided to stop fighting it, make some coffee, and make good use of the time.

Why am I awake and back to work when I just made my way to bed a few short hours ago; when my typical sleep pattern is at least 5 hours a night of solid sleep-time?

I’m sick - “under the weather”. It’s a head cold.

(Excuse me … I have to blow my nose … again!)

A few days ago, I was holding my youngest daughter, four years old Gabbi, while she cried streams of tears in pain from her head cold and double-ear infection. I cried with her, feeling her pain and praying with her for the pain to go away and make her all better.

I promised her, my sweet angel-baby, that God would hear our prayers and take her pain away soon. Without her knowing, I also asked God to allow me to take on her pains and ailments, if nothing else … but to take it away from her, for certain.

Two days later, my left ear started giving me some problems. Another day later, I have a full-blown head cold.

So, I’m awake. It’s going on 5 AM. Luckily, I work from home and set my own hours, schedule, etc, etc. My friends and coaching clients are very understanding and loving people. And, luckily, I can recognize a “sign” when I see one manifest like this; it’s been time to “shut down” lately … and I’ve done so, like it or not. Or, at least, that’s how I’ve chosen to excuse it.

Are you sick right now? If so, do you know why?

The other day a friend of mine was telling me, “I always get sick this time of year. It’s like clockwork – once in the winter time, once in the summer time”, she said.

“You do”, I asked, as if I couldn’t believe it. Accordingly so, because I couldn’t believe it.

“Yep – it happens EVERY year! Heck, I just plan on it. I know it’s coming, so I just make sure I’m ready”. And she was so matter-of-fact about it. Unbelievable!

“Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat????? You’ve GOT to be kidding me!!”

“No – I’m not kidding at all. Why are you acting like that about it”, she asks. I could tell she wasn’t amused. However, I was … incredibly!

I went on to explain my thoughts about this to her … hopefully to her benefit.

Stop for a minute and think – do YOU get sick every year at a particular time? And how many people do you know who say something like this … and live up to their word?

Scientists can say all they want to about our susceptibility to illness being greater during certain times of the year. That’s fine. But I suggest we pay attention to what we’re telling ourselves. I mean, come on - if you TELL YOURSELF you’re going to get sick – “like clockwork” – then WHAT do you expect to happen?

Think about the people you know. It’s fairly common to hear people say something like that – “I get sick this time of year EVERY year”. You’ve heard that before – right? You’ve maybe even said that before. And what usually happens?


Me? I never get sick. It’s a pact I made with myself years ago. I don’t have to buy into all that garbage – so I don’t. I figure, why waste my time being sick when all I have to do is BELIEVE I don’t GET sick?

This time, it’s the shut-down thing. Too much overload, from releasing a new ebook to working on another major book project to working with clients to spending hours upon hours in my email program every day and feeling like I’m getting nothing accomplished.

And THAT, my friend, is a list of excuses, too. The very fact is, I ASKED to get sick. I asked – prayed, even – to take on the illness and pains that were affecting my four years old daughter. And I’ve GLADLY done so, for her sake.

She’s feeling much better – I talked with her on the phone last night – and Daddy’s going to be just fine, too. No worries. Glad to help her out.

So, are you sick? Under the weather? Did you ask for it? Or, worse … did you promise yourself you would bring that into your reality … like clockwork?

If you doubt my philosophy here, just test it out. Tell yourself you’re going to get sick. Say it a few times a day or so, out loud and to yourself, too. Then just watch what happens.

How powerful are your thoughts? What are you “sending out” … and what are you “getting back”?

Here’s a little exercise for you …

Stop right now and write down three things you’re thinking about. Jot down the date and time, and initial or sign it. Write a reminder on your calendar to look at that piece of paper in a week; even in a few days will work.

Wad up that piece of paper and put it away in a drawer where you can forget about it. Just let it go – don’t even think about it anymore.

When the reminder comes up on your calendar, get your crumpled piece of paper and unwrap it. Read it. How many of those thoughts have come to be in your reality?

Are you sick? Did you ASK for it?

Is it NOT that simple??

The next time you feel so compelled to tell yourself you get sick every year at this time – or ANYTHING that will have a negative effect on you in any way – think again.

Remember – it’s your thoughts that create your reality, your experience of life.

Change your thoughts, and you change your life. Transform your life … by starting with changing your thoughts.

Be well, have beautiful moments, and peace.

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Bryan Hall is an Author, Life Success Coach, 'Spiritual Electrician', and Motivational Expert. For information about his widely-acclaimed ebook, "Peak Performance ... Peak LIFE", his coaching services, 'Coach B's Blog, and more, visit Bryan’s site at http://BryanHall.net.