This is one of my favorite articles. It’s by Tom Peters, the author of “In Search of Excellence,” and “Passion for Excellence.”

Risk Taking: Let’s say you were playing poker and you thought you had a decent hand. In fact, you were willing to bet on it! Out of your five poker chips, you bet two. And guess what? Somebody has a better hand, and you lose your two chips! Now, you better be more careful next time, right?

Did you know that many people are terrified of taking risks? Terrified to the point that they avoid trying new things? They avoid doing the very things that lead to real growth!

Well, if all risk taking were like that poker game, you would do well to be cautious, and avoid risk.

But let’s consider a different poker game. Again you are dealt a pretty good hand. You like your chances, so, once again, you bet two chips. The cards are laid down, and again, you lose!

But this time, something different happens. As the winner scoops up the pot, the dealer hands you two chips, to replace the ones you have lost! And, much to your astonishment, each time you lose, your supply of chips is replenished!

You begin playing more aggressively; your confidence soars when you discover that each chance leaves you no worse off than when you started.

And you know what happens?

Sometimes you’re gonna win. And I suggest that, because of your newly found confidence, and your aggressive style of play, you win more often than ever before!

Well, are there any of us who wouldn’t like to be in that second poker game? Where you always had a chance to hit the jackpot, and no chance of loss if you failed?

There is one thing, however, that is guaranteed. It is a sure thing that if you don’t take any risks, if you don’t try anything new in your life, you will always get the same results you are getting right now!

The only way to truly lose is by doing nothing…so…go for it!

You would do well, students, to give some thought to how this applies in your life!

Yours for Rock Solid Kids,
Denny Strecker

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