"Birds were not given wings to sit in a tree and observe. Use what you were given to the fullest." Beth Tabak

We all have limits. Yet we are continually confronted by those who somehow move beyond them. It’s a choice to allow limits to hold you back or to find a way to live beyond them. So often we hold ourselves back from doing what we silently yearn. We make things impossible or spend too much time on unimportant stuff... restricting our true capabilities. Make the following shifts and close that gap to your potential.

Limits & The Shift to Make:

Self-Limiting Perspective~ Be open to the idea that you were uniquely created for a grand purpose. What do you think is limiting you? Is there a label that is holding you back? Let go of thoughts that restrain you and imagine anything is possible (even if it's not). Shift to an unlimited attitude that allows you to be all that you are.

Fear~ Stay in the present moment and focus on how you are helping others. When you feel fear you have moved out of the present and how you benefit others to anxiety over what might happen to you.

Procrastination~ Not taking action leads to anxiety. Shift into consistent daily action even if you have to baby step to build momentum.

Lack of Focus~ Set your priorities. Know them. Keep them in front of you daily. Shift from focusing on the “unimportant stuff” or “shoulds” to doing the important stuff that will make a difference in the long run.

Unjustifiable/ Exaggerated Excuses~ Stop making excuses. Look at all of the options and choices available to you. If you can’t see them, brainstorm with others.

Indecisiveness or Indecision~ Not making a decision is a decision. You are choosing to deal with the consequences of not deciding. So what are your options and what is the best choice?

Not Being Silent~ Give yourself the silent treatment. Quiet that chattering mind in order to hear your inner song. Get comfortable being still to ponder, listen, and follow your heart.

Do Not Want to Surpass Parents~ Get over it! Birds were not given wings to sit in a tree. Use what you were given to the fullest.

Limits Set by Others~ This may come from a need for approval. Know that the opinion of others is their perception based on who they are and not fact of who you are. You determine your worth and it’s darn valuable!

Lone Ranger~ Often we limit ourselves dramatically by trying to do and be it all on our own. We have such a variety of skills, knowledge, and life experience. When we come together with open minds a synergy can emerge to create amazing things. Connect with others to extend your reach and grow faster with ease.

Lack of Confidence~ Develop yourself! If you feel you don’t know enough, learn more. If you don’t have experience, get it! If you feel like a failure, succeed at something. If you feel unworthy, decide that you are! Get to the source of your fears. Successful people stumble, mess up, and fail. Focus on how you are helping others.

Not Saying “NO”~ Learn that “No!” is a complete sentence. Know your top priorities and say no to anything that does not support them.

Not Saying “Yes”~ Shift from ignoring your inner voice to taking consistent daily action to fulfill the song of your soul.

Overwhelm/ Tolerating~ Simplify, handle, and rid yourself of the things, people, and activities that drain your energy so you feel better and create space for what you want. Know your priorities then do it, delegate it, or dump it one small step at a time. Notice how much lighter, happier, and more energetic you feel.

Not Being in Integrity with Self~ When you are not honest with yourself you hold yourself back. Tell the absolute truth about who you are, what your needs are, what your values are, and what you want in life.

What is limiting you? There's a chance it could be you. Notice how you may be limiting yourself then take action to make a shift. Will you read this article and set it aside or will you take action to move beyond your limits? Choose to live beyond them and discover your true abilities... Starting Now!

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Beth Tabak is a Business & Life Coach, columnist, & owner of Starting Now. She is 100% committed to coaching small business owners and professionals to grow beyond limits, and create the business and life they keep thinking about. Check out her Beyond Limits TeleAction program at http://www.startingnowcoaching.com