I recently asked my good friend, top marketer T.J. Rohleder, "If you had one minute to say something to somebody who was interested in marketing, what would you say?"

Here's T.J.'s pithy response:

"I would say, find the people within the market you want to target who are making a lot of money or experiencing some real success. Buy everything that they have to sell, get on their customer lists, get on the other side of the cash register, and learn from them.

"And then start copying them immediately. You don't want to plagiarize, but copy them as best as you can. Come up with some of your own ideas. The time for you to be creative is when the money is rolling in, when you've got something. In the beginning, you copy the other people who are making the most money.

"You then will also do very well—and then later, you can experiment with a lot of your own ideas."

Thank you T.J. Rohleder, the Blue Jeans Millionaire!

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