Our thoughts wander and often this is excellent as the imagination and creative flow help us understand our desires. Notice how your thinking can scatter. Learn your own mind and thinking patterns. Use this knowledge to create purposeful thinking.

Since our thoughts create the “things” in our lives, we want to ‘Think With Purpose.’ Gather your thoughts; choose wisely to focus your thought on a particular desire. Know that with purpose you can create thinking that will increase the energy around your desire, pull in your heart – emotion is very powerful. Embody your thought, feel your heart (desire and emotion) related to this thought, experience the powerful vibration you have created. Know that it is yours.

Believe in your ability to create. See what is being brought to you, sometimes small things that let you know you are being answered. Get in the flow – receive with delight, awe, wonder and gratitude. The Universe always says yes.

© Sharon Carol, HeartStream Soul Guardian, Psychic, Intuitive and Spiritual Coach

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Sharon Carol is a Metaphysical Teacher, Psychic, Intuitive, Spiritual Coach, Inspiriational Speaker and Author. She recently constructed a website to share thoughts, ideas and teachings. Visit her site at She offers on-line sessions and telephone consultaions. Sharon is a graduate of Redlands University and has teken further training at UCLA and USC. Sharon facilitates metaphysical groups focusing on spiritual coaching, creating with thought and spiritual circle. Her desire is to spread love and peace and to assist you in creating your fabulous, abundant, and joy filled life. Sharon currently resides in Tucson, Arizona. YOU ARE FABULOUS!