Its theory, practice and super-cosmic consciousness.

Mysticism or Spirituality which often times is also called by different other names such a Spiritual Science, Path of the Saints or Path of the Masters is divided into:

i- Theory
ii- Practice and
iii- Infinite Beingness or Super-cosmic Consciousness

1. Theory

The majority of people around the world who speak of spirituality or who brag themselves as being spiritual devotees study the theory aspect of this ageless science and go about calling themselves spiritual aspirants or initiates. When you encounter a man who has really taken his time to study mystic theory or the theory of the Path of the Saints, you can very easily be convinced that he is an expert at this inscrutable God-Made science, and that he is a Saint himself. This is especially true if the person can speak with authority as emanates from a deep mental base of knowledge so much that it becomes very difficult for you to be convinced otherwise. I may be that kind of a person. Our beautiful earth world has many people who fall into this category around the world. Hence there are many who we encounter or get to know about but whose only commitment is that of the theoretical aspect of the Path. These individuals can debate and win easily because they have the ins and outs of the mystic theory but the fact is, they lack the next and most vital aspect of mystic practice. They are not saints or true mystics.

In mystic theory we find the knowledge related to the soul (spirit or individualized spirit), its relationship with the mind and the sense faculties of the physical body in the panorama of the material environment. Together with this, is the knowledge of the laws of nature and creation most vital of which are that of (a) retribution (karma or kaluma) and (b) re-embodiment or re-incarnation and how these laws impact their effects upon the spirit. Mystic theory also teaches the long and arduous process through which the spirit was imprisoned, tied together with the mind and mind with the body and how spirit can extricate itself from body and mind and regain its pristine glory thereby regain self-realization. Furthermore, theory expounds on how after spirit has set itself free from body and mind, can proceed on its journey until it attained direct union with the Supreme Deity, thereby becoming one with IT. This is called God-Realization. When this happens, that attainment transforms the individualized spirit (the human being) into a Living Saint. This means that even though one may continue dwelling here in this world, one has regained infinite freedom both in the lower worlds and in the ever-expanding worlds of pure perfect super-cosmic consciousness and beyond. Based upon this knowledge, imparted by the contemporary Divine Guardians or Masters of Wisdom, one is at will to make a choice between two things:

1. To remain knowledgeable of the mystic theory but never practicing it or
2. To practice the spiritual science (mysticism) and gain God-Realization.

It is a common fact that the majority of the people initiated into the mystic theory never practice the teachings in that life-time when they are first given the knowledge. This means they remain on the first stage of the teachings which theory is.

2. Practice

While all perfect mystics advise us to study and understand the mystical theory which is so wide and vast in nature, they also extol us to move to the next vital stage which is practice. However, practice cannot be done simply based upon what one has studied or learned from books or from spiritual discourses alone. On the contrary. The true spiritual practice is in itself divided into the following categories:

• As a way of life and living
• As a role model
• As a practicing Initiate

In order for us to comprehend well, we need to explain in some detail these three different categories:

A. As a Way of Life and Living

Any spiritual aspirant or student of the Mystic Path, the Path of the Masters or Spirituality, one must live by certain specific precepts, rules and regulations most important of which are the following:

• A lacto-vegetarian or vegan way of life in which the diet does not consist of any animal flesh eating, no eggs, no alcoholic drinking and no imbibing of narcotics and mind-altering drugs such as bhang, hashish, marijuana, cocaine, LSD, crack, ecstasy etc.

• A life where the devotee strictly avoids telling lies and earns an honest living.

• A life in which sexual promiscuity is totally forbidden. You either live a household or married life on the one hand or a celibate on the other hand. Generally though, the Perfect of all Mystics are themselves householders and that is what they advise their devotees to be. However, there also are monks and nuns who never marry.

• There is no racial, religious, cultural, traditional, social-political discrimination among people. All humans are treated and regarded as children of the same Source or Origin and to that Source they all will sooner or later return. Hence discriminating any one because of their external and mundane practices or differences of skin colors and virtue of birth in that or this ethnic group, gender or religion is seen as a matter of deep ignorance.

• Attending and listening to spiritual discourses regularly from a competent High Initiate or contemporary Divine Spiritual Guardian or Soul-Doctor.

• Taking time to perform acts of selflessness by engaging in some menial jobs or work in a spiritual community especially one where there is contemporary Soul-Doctor. If you have the rare opportunity to serve the physically living Soul-Liberator or Saint through acts of devotion, please do so since this is one of the best way to earn divine merits which are so vital for spiritual development or progress on the Mystic Path.

B. As a Role Model

Equipped with the mystical way of life and living as described above, one is expected and should live as spiritual role model to others who encounter him or her in life under any conditions or circumstances without ever compromising the above way of life and living even if it means being beheaded.

C. As a Practicing Initiate

Having been exposed to the mystic path in the above described manner, the student must by now be an initiate. No one can practice the real spiritual path or the Path of the Masters or Saints unless and until one has been fully initiated into the path of inner pilgrimage.

In order to be initiated so, one must have encountered a contemporary Divine Being in human form, often called a God-Man, who has accepted him or her as a student. In order to be accepted for initiation, the prerogative belongs to the Living Soul-Doctor Him or Her Self. This usually depends upon two basic factors, namely:

• Whether or not the student is actually ripe and ready for spiritual instruction. If the student is ripe and ready, he is initiated and upon being so initiated will proceed to live the way of they mystical life and will comprehend the Path of the Saints as a devotee.

• If the student is neither ripe nor ready to become a devotee but has come to a point of ripening and therefore qualifies for sidiziyansiya, then the contemporary Spiritual Guardian may impart to him or her the initiation instructions only as seed planted but not expected to germinate in this life time. Under the circumstance, the student so initiated is most likely to return to the mundane ways of living and forget about the precious jewel he was so given, until at the point of death when he will be reminded of what he was given. One may wonder why one who is not ready like this could be given initiation instructions. The answer is simple: Out of immense compassion, many souls that come into the presence of the Divine Guardian who are ripening but not ready to comprehend not to mention practice the path, they are initiated as a way to prevent their transmigration from human to lower creatures. The next re-embodiment they return as human beings again and they will be picked up by another contemporary Divine Being who will then train them. In that lifetime they will grasp and practice.

Now, as a practicing Initiate the devotee will be shown the actual method/s of spiritual practice both in the manifest world and in the inner heavenly planes. The devotee becomes a practitioner of the path and soon will gain access to the inner invisible worlds in the company of the Soul-Doctor. For as long as the practitioner needs the inner companionship of his Soul-Liberator, the Liberator will always be there to protect and offer both outer and inner guidance.

3. Infinite Beingness or Super Cosmic Consciousness

However, when the practitioner has proved him self capable of fending his self in the inner heavenly planes, the Soul-Doctor will stop his accompaniments but his radiant form never leaves the initiate just in case the need for defending him arises in the inner pilgrimage or journey as long as the initiate summons the Soul-Doctor for such help. This does not matter how many miles away the Soul-Doctor may be at that time separated by time, space or distance. Whenever the call for help arises, the Soul-Doctor will be there just in a matter of a moment to rescue his devotee. Many such "miracles" happen for and to devotees of these Bassebikuuno/Nnabikuuno (Great Miraculous Beings) all of the time and since time immemorial. Yet, these Great Ones place no focus on miracles and their genuineness is never rated against the miracles they perform. The know the greatest miracle is one where a soul is snatched by them from the claws of the negative power and taken and presented to the Supreme Fataher where it once abided. To them, salvation of one soul is greater than one other million material miracles and wonders performed in this world.

Those who lay claim that mysticism is an abstract path or teaching say so out of personal failure to comprehend or to practice the teachings. It is an indication such people stopped at the initial stage of theory or attended the second stage but never delved deeper into it either. It is obvious that practitioners of the Mystic Path gain both spiritually and materially. Materially, they gain by becoming the most practical people in life because the divine powers they gain enable them to do any worldly job of their choice successfully. They never fail in what they chose to do once they have become efficient on the third aspect of being practicing Initiates. A practicing Initiate is the freest being in the world. He is so free that he can line in any way he likes without being a burden to any one else but himself. He lives in the company of the great invisible beings and all invisible beings, angels and elementals are at his snap of the finger whenever he needs their service. He becomes a beloved of the Supreme Lord even as he still lives in this world doing his mundane work and serving his family and nation. He can decide to be famous, rich, celebrity, powerful in government, a successful professional or he can chose to appear to live as a “poor” man or woman but in each case, he is the most contented, happiest and compassionate person around. This is the state of Perfection, when the practitioner has merged his individual consciousness into the consciousnesses of all living beings visible and invisible. It is the state of super-cosmic consciousness when the Initiate finally merges into divine union with the Supreme Deity and become one with IT.

Those who attain this level of spiritual attainment are intoxicated in the divine rapture of the divine nectar and will utter rather incomprehensible phrases or sentences; meaningless to those who are ignorant of the divine rapture they are infinitely enjoying in lapses of moments of that what the Sufi Saint Mystics call mahabba, being enraptured in the true love of God s to appear and to be there is no difference between the lover and the Beloved. African mystics around the Kagera (Nile) River called it Entamiivu.

The experiences of one who has attained super-cosmic consciousness or “beingness” in the divine union with the Supreme Deity is indescribable to anyone who has no direct personal knowledge of it. And so, those who are ignorant of it speak of mysticism as an abstract pursuit. What they lack is the understanding that a real Mystic owns everything both in the manifest and the un-manifest worlds where super-cosmic consciousness reigns as pure infinite light and perfect celestial melody in the infinity of beingness, far beyond super cosmic consciousness.

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Bhuka Bijumiro-Jjumiro is an authority on various spiritually related subjects including but not limited to esoteric psychology, mystic philosophy, esoteric cultural anthropology, world spiritual history, African spiritual mythology, mysticism, comparative religion, numerology, and metaphysical science. He has impacted the lives of many people whom he has awakened to the ageless teachings and practices of the Mystics of all times and climes or specifically to the Path of the Saints as a result of public lectures on these subjects given on three continents; Africa, Europe and North America. He is available for public speaking engagements on appointment. Call 703 473 6362 or email: