Success or failure is not determined by genetics, geography, environment or heritage. It isn’t a function of race, religion or creed. While I will agree that some situations and some environments make it more challenging than others- it isn’t those factors that will ultimately determine a person’s success or failure. If that were so, then no one from a challenging environment ever would have succeed...and they have!

Instead, our success and/or our failure is most often
determined by the “Law Of Success”. There are few truths more self-evident than the Law Of Success. If you are not familiar with the Law of Success– here it is:

“To be successful you must take risks.”

Every one of us has seen countless examples of this Law in action. When we look at people who we think of as successful (whether it be money, fame or power) we can easily and quickly see the risks they had to take in order to achieve their success. Likewise, when we look at people who we think of as unsuccessful – it is equally easy to see that they were unwilling to take risks in their lives.

What is the major difference between these two types of people? SELF-ESTEEM!

Once analyzed, the cause of success and failure is easily identified. The logic is simple and inescapable.

To succeed you must take risks.

To be willing to take risks – you must be unafraid of failing.

To be unafraid of failing – you must be unconcerned about other people’s opinion of you.

To be unconcerned about other people’s opinion of you – you must have high self-esteem.

The proof of the hypothesis is that the reverse is equally true.

Unsuccessful people are afraid to take risks.

They are afraid to take risks because they are afraid to fail.

They are afraid to fail because they worry about other people’s opinion of them.

They worry about other people’s opinion of them – because they have low self-esteem.

If the Law Of Success is accurate and if the logic is clear, then this is good news for all of those who are not satisfied with their current status and would like to have more success in their life. All they have to do is find a way to raise their self-esteem. As their self esteem raises, they will become less concerned about someone else’s opinion of them and more comfortable with their own opinion of themselves. Once they are unconcerned about the opinion of others, the fear of failure will be reduced. They will then become more comfortable taking calculated risks and by doing so will increase their likelihood of achieving the success they desire.

The libraries and bookstores are full of good books on how to raise self-esteem. Likewise there are helpful seminars and classes offered by local organizations and universities. If anyone would like a recommended reading list or a schedule of local seminars, contact me at

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Bill Bartmann is the "Billionaire Business Coach". He is the only self-made billionaire who has exclusively devoted his life to teaching others.

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