It can happen to the most determined of us. We have decided on some worthwhile goal that we want to achieve. We have even set down on a nice clean sheet of paper a splendid and well defined way to attain that goal. But then for some inexplicable reason we hesitate, doubts will creep in, and we may even come up with some pretty good reasons why we cannot succeed, and some even better reasons for not doing anything at all. Someone may have whispered a word of warning in our ear, or laughed at our ideas. We begin to see only the darkness and the shadows, and suddenly the attraction of the goal begins to fade, and the lure of a cosy armchair and a quiet life take over.

This has probably happened to most of us at some time in the past, for we would be less than human if we did not feel a certain flutter of apprehension before we take any step into the unknown. It is all to do with the overcoming of fear – it is as simple as that, and delays and putting off making that first move will only serve to make the fear even worse. Anticipation may be painful, and the initial shock very real, but only momentarily. When that passes then activity takes over and fear is gone. Action – and immediate action – is essential if we are to succeed in any endeavour. So, let’s see what we can do about it.

Faith in Yourself: You must always have faith in your capabilities and in what you are about to do. Above all have faith in your destiny, that given your unswerving commitment your goals will all be reached successfully. Understand also that you are truly unique, for there is no one else on this planet quite like you, with all your talents and aptitudes. There never has been, and never will be. Maintain the unshakeable belief that you are here for a purpose, and that is to make your unique contribution to your own life, and to society. Believing that you can succeed, that you can reach your goal, puts your mind to work for you and helps you find ways to do it. Believe, and you will put in motion the greatest of all man’s powers – the power of the creative mind.

Time: You must recognise at the outset of any task that time is your most valuable commodity. But remember also that it is irreplaceable. You cannot buy more time. You can earn more money. You can accumulate more goods. But you only have as much time as the next person, and when it is gone you cannot borrow any more. Yet how many of us fritter it away talking about what we mean to do when we are not so busy, or when the right time comes. If you persist in putting things off you will be committing one of the greatest crimes of all - wasting your life.

Self-discipline: On this journey to living your dreams you will have to exercise self-discipline if you wish to develop your potentialities and get things done. But you will find there are hazards on the way up, such as alienating yourself from family and friends, through spending too much time on your chosen goal. Also there is another danger - that of getting caught up in over-enthusiasm. What happens here is that we become obsessed with our goal, to the exclusion of everything else, but then we tire of it all and that great, inflated bubble of energetic enthusiasm will just burst, leaving us demoralised and depressed.

Courage: You need courage of a particular kind to make a firm commitment to act. For example you will have to dismiss all the dire warnings of impending disaster from family and friends. They mean well, of course, and they probably believe that they are helping you. There may even be some out there who do not wish you to succeed, or who are envious of you, who delight in prophesying a humiliating end to your dreams. But you must ignore all the admirable reasons that your critics will put before you, and ignore all the obstacles and difficulties that they say will defeat you. Just set your head firmly in the direction of your goals and take that first courageous step. If you will examine the lives of those who have succeeded you will see clearly that there came the time when they took that first step forward to a new and meaningful life. For them there was no question of turning back, for they knew that they were about to start out on an amazing journey that would revolutionise their lives.

Fear: Cast fear from your mind for fear is what keeps many living a life of want and mediocrity, when they could have plenty, and despair when they could have fulfilment. So, don’t hang around waiting for the ideal time to make a start, or for when you consider that conditions are perfect – that will seldom, if ever, happen in real life. Life is filled with spectacular opportunities to achieve so just seize the moment and go for it. We cannot grow unless we act with an unwavering belief, so right now, without delay, take that first confident step towards a compelling and successful future.

And Finally: When we set out on the journey towards achieving our goal we must promise ourselves that nothing will stand in our way. For when we have this confidence in ourselves, and in our goals, then we will know for certain that nothing will deter us. But this promise to ourselves also states that we will put this confidence into instant and constant action, for that is the only way that goals can be achieved. Look forward, not backward. Yesterday is over and done with and beyond recall. There is nothing you can do about it now. Today, on the other hand, is brand new and sparkling with opportunities if you will just look for them and seize them with both hands. So just keep your eyes on the future, for that is where the action is going to be. There is a magical dynamic quality about action, so have the courage to act on your ideas, for in so doing you will be well on your way to achieving all that you desire in life.
Roy Burton

Author's Bio: 

Roy Burton MASC (NLP). Roy was born in Tottenham, north London. When he was 18 years old he enlisted and spent several years with the armed forces. Following his release, he worked for various companies and organisations, spending many years in the public library system. He has travelled widely throughout Europe and the United Kingdom, and is now based on the Isle of Wight. Roy has long been a student of Self-Development, and has contributed many articles on the subject to various magazines and websites. He has long believed that anyone, whatever class or creed, who has a well planned goal, can, with determination and dedicated action, achieve the life of their dreams. He welcomes any comments, and can be reached on