For so many people this is the way of their lives, enduring the work week so that they can "live" on the weekends.

Now you would think that these people would live a long time as they use so little of the life they have been given. They merely exist Monday to Friday, enduring the week and only coming alive on the weekends. How sad, the reality is however that these people do not live long and productive lives. They tend to be ill more than other people, they certainly tend to complain and gripe more than other people and they will be worn out and die long before it is really necessary.

The reason for that is that it takes far more energy to be miserable than it takes to be happy and have fun. In fact, and I am sure that you have experienced this, the more fun you are having the more energy you have.

To have fun and live all your life, you must learn to be grateful for everything in your life. It is easier to enjoy and appreciate something if you are grateful for it.

Yes, be grateful for your job, think what would happen to you if you did not have it, what would you do if you did not have the income from your job every month?

Learn to appreciate every day of your life, realise that either all days are special or no days are special. Learn to say Thank Goodness It's Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Thank goodness for this day, a day in which I have another opportunity to learn, to grow, to contribute, to live.

"TGIF Thank goodness it's Friday" absolutely, but not because it is the end of the week but because it is a new day full of golden opportunities for you.

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