Obagi Product Skin Care system is currently the hottest new dermatological product available. The full skin care system, which is formulated for different age groups and problems, is designed to completely rejuvenate the skin - revealing fresher, brighter and clearer skin.

It's designed for both young women battling acne and older women battling the signs of aging. However, does it work? To learn more and for a concise review of the system, keep reading.


Obagi is expensive and only available by prescription. Patients should be prepared to pay at least $300 up front for the initial system and then at least another $100 per month for ongoing maintenance products. That maintenance can get expensive, especially when compared with the cost of an in-office chemical peel or laser treatment.


Because Obagi's skin care system must be inspected and approved by the FDA, it is held to a much higher standard than over-the-counter commercial products. So, overall, the quality of Obagi is impressive.

Because Obagi is a prescribed drug, the potency levels are significantly higher than over-the-counter creams. Therefore, it's imperative to go over the system thoroughly with your dermatologist before making use of it at home. If you're at all concerned about potential allergic reactions to Obagi, ask your dermatologist for a small sample.


When applied consistently and with care, Obagi product skin care systems do work. However, they only work while you're using the product. If a patient stops using it, their former skin condition will return and start doing so within about 40 days, as the skin rejuvenates itself.

Obagi is expensive, so if the results aren't long-lasting, that can turn potential patients off. As a result, many are choosing treatments such as chemical peels and laser resurfacing as alternate options.

Buying Obagi Without a Your Doctor's Knowledge

Obagi is a prescription skin care system - that means you need a prescription from your dermatologist to purchase it. However, determined buyers can find Obagi online without a prescription.

Buying Obagi skin care products without a prescription is not only dangerous, but it's also illegal. In addition, the market is flooded with fakes and counterfeits, which is a serious risk when purchasing from anyone other than a licensed pharmacy.

The Final Verdict on Obagi

Obagi skin care may be a great system that produces phenomenal results, but if those results don't last in the long term, customers are going to tire of having to pay for ongoing maintenance products.

Instead, why not try a laser skin rejuvenation or a year of spa facials? When it comes to skin care, Obagi product skin care systems might be at the bottom of the priority list.

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