Without cleanliness and maintaining the hygiene of the swimming pool it becomes dirty. Swimming pool vacuum cleaners are excellent equipments and with regular cleaning the pool can be used for longer periods.

Several cleaning tools are freely available in the market but some cleaners are more popular and effective in use compared to the others. Vacuums working with suction action are one of the popular cleaners utilized to vacuum the entire vicinity. Beneath the surface area, the sucking machine not only absorbs water but also drags it to the filter area. Some of them act as good scrubbers, scrubbing against the walls while moving from one place to the other in the area. This useful equipment can absorb the debris found inside but not the larger ones. Large debris might get stuck and spoil the cleaner. Vacuums are the hardest working equipments that keep swimming areas fresh and hygienic to use.

They are available for all types of swimming areas. Some of the few well-known ones are Supa-Vac Venturi Vacuum, Cruiser C400, Hayward Aquabug, Barracuda Topaze. The C400 automatic cleaner is intended for usage for above and in ground pools. The Hayward Aqua Bug never requires emptying or replacing debris bags as it facilitates with the existing filtration system. Topaze cleaner is designed for the clearness of round as well as oval ones. The aim for using machines is to clean the entire vicinity but few devices provide additional facilities and some offers just the basic requirement of simple cleaning.

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