The growth of humans is the development of mind over matter.

In this culture we are indoctrinated with life alienating thinking and language. The structural and personal collapse being experienced is a natural result of these alienating thrusts. Worldwide we are seeing the dark results of low-consciousness choices. We are so outer action inclined that it would never occur to most Americans to first take stock of what is really happening here.

Society on every level is desperately needing a new perspective - a quiet more inner focused feminine receptivity. This is what's been missing in all areas of life and the marketplace. And this is where the new abundance is. Intentional connection to the spiritual force that flows through all things in which human attainment is achieved is, I believe, the first step to creating a new world where the greed and corruption we are currently witnessing cannot thrive. If you have followed my blogs at all you know that the crux of all true transformation comes from finding true peace within. It is the sacred knowledge of unity consciousness which binds all living things as one entity with endless expression.

I'm sure this is not what you would expect anyone to say about surviving amidst the chaos! But hear me out. This peaceful fruitful force is actually present within (and sometimes behind) each and every moment. It is hidden, but there always. Our human path at this time seems to be shouting at us to stay out of our ego's and others judgments long enough to experience it. OK, no easy task, especially when fear is present!

But can you imagine giving yourself the luxury of not listening to the bad news outside and inside of your head long enough to hear and connect outside the collapsing matrix? Life is moving so fast right now that the conscious mind (roughly 10% of where our thought comes from) holds too little information to deal with the demands upon us.

Slowing down enough to take the time to listen to deeper messages in the heart and soul is where Einstein and other great achievers got their inspirations. Those who are beginning to rely more on heart and artful instincts along with the intellect are seeing better results in their experiences. It can be daunting if you are not used to listening to life from these other centers. Have you actually ever slowed down enough to listen to your heart or deeper mind?

There's a technique in meditation that helps reveal inner wiser voices. If you can find the ability to sit still and quiet the conscious mind, you can begin to get a taste of the peace of an expanded mind. By learning to let go of the thought chatter that is running the show, you can discover this treasure of infinite knowledge.

Actively listening to the subtle different voices is totally alive presence. It takes a little practice at first but it's really cool once you get it. As a starter game you can play with seeing any negative thought or feeling as a ghost of the past or future without 'points.' Increasingly you'll be able to hear 'the music of the spheres' - pleasant thoughts that hold energy or 'point' value. You can 'take stock' of the real market between your ears!

Being able to experience ecstasy is our natural state. Perhaps by connecting to our natural state first, the steps following will lead to outcomes we can all live with.

Author's Bio: 

Madalyn Suozzo is a Medical Intuitive Consultant and Natural Healing Coach who has studied with energy and healing masters who bypassed conventional methods by talking directly to the cells themselves. She is a Regenesis® practitioner and teacher and has spent the last 25 years researching how the body regenerates.