How does someone learn affiliate marketing today? There’s certainly a lot of information available for those who want to try it, but where do you start? Can anyone be a super affiliate? Does it cost money to become an affiliate marketer?

Those looking to make money online with affiliate marketing have a lot of questions and luckily the internet is filled with a lot of answers and opinions on the matter. If you’re interested in making money this way, you’ll want to do some homework before you get started.

Learn What Affiliate Marketing Is

What is affiliate marketing? Companies will offer potential affiliates (affiliated individuals) an opportunity to earn a commission by referring customers to them. This is a great sales relationship opportunity for the company because they only pay a commission if something is actually sold. Instead of hiring salespeople and paying a salary plus commission and hoping the sales rep meets their quota, an affiliate only gets paid if they actually help initiate a sale so it’s a win of a scenario for the company. This presents a great opportunity for individuals who want to make money online because they can choose from hundreds of products with these opportunities.

The affiliate can do various things to make money including: refer a lead or sell a product and there are various ways they can do this. Most often the sale is tracked by software that reports to the company and the affiliate that a sale occurred. An affiliate makes money from each lead, referral or sale that happens.

The great thing about this is that the person who sells the item doesn’t have to really sell a product if they don’t want to. If they get interested traffic to the company’s site, the company typically does the ‘hard selling’ with their sales text on their website. The affiliate doesn’t have to handle money or do any shipping so they can earn money and very often it doesn’t cost them anything to do so.

How do affiliate marketers promote products?

Various ways to promote products exist through websites, blogs, landing page redirects and article marketing. Some affiliate marketers pay to promote products by paying for advertising and some utilize a lot of free social marketing services to help them do that. There are thousands of products around that are sold through affiliate marketers and many, many ways that the marketer can go about trying to earn that affiliate commission which can be paid direct from a company or through an affiliate network.

More and more people want to be doing this because of the increase of online shopping and more people than ever are successful at it which is, in part, due to the many social media tools available to help them promote.

Beyond affiliate marketing itself making people money, a lot of successful internet marketers like Rosalind Gardner are making money by teaching others how to make money online. Experts offer coaching, seminars, webinars and affiliate e-books that unveil the secrets to maximizing your earning potential.

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