We all know that with the price of gas going up, that everything else will soon be jumping in price too. This takes a toll on family vacations, outings for the weekend, rising grocery bills etc.

So how can a family have fun and still have money left for all of the bills that are due every month?

Sometimes we have to look at things in a simple way in order to re-learn how to enjoy life.

We tell kids all of the time to 'use your imagination', but as adults we forget to use ours. Remember when we were kids and we used to, make up, games to play when we got bored with all of the regular games? Now is the time to use those great skills that we developed and make our own vacations.

After all, what is a vacation for?

It is a time to get away from everyday stress and a time to relax and spend it doing the things that we like to do.

Why do we have to spend a lot of money doing it? Do we really have to go to a resort or a campgrounds in order to make it a 'real' vacation?

One easy and exciting way is to have fun in your own backyard!

Yes, I mean that you can stay at home, stay within your monthly budget, get to know exciting people and actually have fun!

How is all of this possible?

Try this for your next weekend get away!
1. Set up a tent or travel trailer in your backyard, somewhere
close to the fire pit.
2. Hang a rope for wet towels and swimming suits (yes, you will
have those too!)
3. Go to the store and stock up on hot dogs, wiener buns and all
of the rest of the things that you need for a weekend of
4. Bring out the sleeping bags, towels and pack your bags for
your 'trip'.
5. Make sure that you have lawn chairs, the charcoal grill and
accessories, and the rest of the amenities of camping gear.
6. Now set up the crochet set, volleyball set, golf and don't
forget to bring the football and baseball gear.
7. Pack the kids bikes and scooters.
8. Invite family, friends and the neighbors to join in your
weekend outing, if your yard is too small to hold everyone,
they can camp in their own backyard and
come over to visit your 'campsite'.

Ways to have fun:
1. Set up competitions between families; a baseball game,
volleyball game etc.
2. Change 'campsites' nightly for a bonfire with roasted hot
dogs, popcorn over the fire and s'mores.
3. Not having a swimming pool is not a problem; you can set up
the sprinklers, or a slip n slide. You were smart enough to
bring the swimming suits..Remember?
4. Have a scavenger hunt
5. Have a potluck supper the last night of the vacation and
everyone brings the leftovers from your vacation, it is a real
combination of fun and eating you will not want to pass up!

Sometimes it is the simple things in life that are the most fun.

You will 'get away from it all'; no telephones, interruptions and no ruining the household budget but tons of fun and excitement.

This can easily become a monthly camping experience for the whole neighborhood.

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