A Course In Miracles talks about suffering not being real. That suffering is in our mind. How can this be so? The heartbreak we feel when a loved one dies, is that not real? The pain one feels when suffering from diseases such as cancer, is that not real?

To understand you have to realize that you are not your body. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. It is your spirit that gives life to your body. Not the other way around. Your body is not real in the sense that it is not everlasting. It is your creation that you chose to take in this human experience. When you suffer whether mentally or physically that is your ego taking control. Your ego is not of God. It is your own doing. You can choose otherwise. You can choose God or Love to take control. Whey you do you rise above suffering. You now are in this world, but not of it.

you can let your Spirit, your God-Self take control. You will be aware of your body and your pain, but you will not be controlled by it. You will not be your pain, but that which rises above your pain. You will not be attached to your pain. In the midst of your suffering you will feel peace and joy.

Have you ever felt sad about something or had an irritating pain in your body that momentarily disappeared when you were intently focused on something else? That is how you rise above suffering. You focus on your Higher Self, on Love, and you will not feel your pain although it may still exist. This is a difficult concept to grasp especially when you are in the midst of your own pain and suffering. It is one worth contemplating and understanding. It is one I, myself, am constantly expanding upon and learning from.

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Diane LeGallee is a spiritual writer and the creator and operator of the website Her goal is to help others live a life of inner peace and joy by providing articles, products, and courses designed to provide a greater higher consciousness awareness. She is currently working on a book to help others live their Truth.