Whilst that may seem like common sense, you may be surprised to see how many people just expect their success to happen and appear out of thin air. To reach your goals and your dreams you need to know what is involved. You need to structure your¬self and your direction, and don’t forget about your personal life here either. There needs to be balance and structure in your business, your work, and your personal life. If there is no structure in your personal life, you may tend to become a bit of a workaholic, which in the end may lead to more problems than benefits.
Like a fine-tuned car that runs on premium fuel, the best of engine oils and the proper parts, so your whole life should be structured and balanced in the same fashion. With my current car, it requires 98 percent RON fuel (whoever Ron is) to operate to its maximum performance. By putting in a lesser grade of fuel, I am opening myself up to potential problems and issues with the car all due to the fact that I have allowed sub standard ingredients into the engine. You need the best ingredients in your pursuit of your goals and dreams. Taking short cuts and applying sub standard methods and attitudes towards your goals will only produce a sub standard outcome where you will know and feel that things just don't feel like they should.

The importance of balance between your personal and business or work life cannot be over-emphasised. With success, or the striving to become successful, comes a tendency to get caught up in the whole process. Unless you are very careful, it is all too easy to burn yourself out and actually move further away from your goals.
Your social life is an integral part of the whole success process. It is the time away from your work or your business that has the potential to recharge your batteries. Burning yourself out is of no use to you or those around you. You need to structure yourself and your time in a way that will take you closer to the goals you have set for yourself.
Never just plan to achieve your goals; you need to plan to enjoy yourself along the way. What is the point of doing every¬thing for your family, making money for that nice house, sending your children to that great school or buying that nice car, if you never get to see them? The family and friends around you need to stay just that: around you!
Don’t push everyone away; thinking that once you ‘make it’ you can just pick up where you left off. You need to take them along for the ride. I love telling my friends and family where I am at in relation to my goals. I have friends who share their stories as well. It not only brings you closer to each other and part of each other’s dreams; it also makes you accountable in a way.

Imagine building a house; while it might look great when it’s finished, it doesn’t start that way. There needs to be a lot of work and effort put into place. First the foundation needs to be set. Without a firm and solid foundation the house will probably fall over. The same principle applies in your journey to success.
The foundation you set for yourself has to be strong enough to hold your dreams and goals. By that I mean, if you put little time and care into the preparation of what is needed, then in all likelihood your dream will fall over and amount to nothing.
Make sure you have the structure and the balance you need in the pursuit of your goals and dreams. Being successful will require a lot of time, effort and planning—so try to get it right the first time.
If it doesn’t work out the way you had hoped, or if you have tried in the past to achieve something but it didn’t work out for you, have a look at some of the structural areas of your foundation, as it may be there that you find where things may have been less than perfect. By now addressing those areas, you may have just solved the problem and now may be able to finally reach those goals that were once just a pipe dream.

Author's Bio: 

At the age of 25 with only $50 to his name, Justin Herald set about changing the course of his life.

Justin created Attitude Inc, a clothing brand that became an international licensing success that turned over in excess of $20 million per year.

Justin’s success was so well noted that he was named the “INTERNATIONAL ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR” for 2005.
He recently was also awarded the Future Leaders Award, which recognises him as being one of the 50 most influential leaders of the next generation in Australia.

In a few months he will launch “Intimidate Industries” which is a new Sunglass brand which already is a highly sort after brand before it even hits the stores, as well as owning numerous other highly successful businesses.

He has his own column in numerous magazines and in papers nationally in Australia. His articles have a weekly readership of over 5.5 Million people.

His website justinherald.com receives over 30,000 hits a day.

He also is the author of 7 international best selling books.

Justin is regarded as one of Australia’s most sought after speakers with engagements book all over the country and overseas speaking in front of 150,000 people each year.