Your purpose is an important part of your success and personal growth. The odd thing is that some people seem to think that they need someone to tell them their purpose, or someone to help them discover their purpose. Your purpose isn’t some hidden secret that you have to uncover. It isn’t something someone else can tell you or show you. Your purpose is whatever you say it is. Plain and simple. Ideally your purpose is tied to something you’re passionate about.

Until you identify or declare a purpose it’s nearly impossible for you to achieve success. The reason it’s so difficult is because you’re lacking clarity and focus in your actions. In the early 1900’s Edward C. Barnes declared his purpose to become the business partner of Thomas Edison. At the time he declared that as his purpose it would have sounded to others like a ludicrous idea because he was in no position to have that happen, and he didn’t appear likely to ever have that happen. The reason I bring this example to your attention is because your purpose doesn’t need to be some lofty noble ideal. Your purpose must be directed at and focused on an outcome that’s meaningful to you.

Once you identify your purpose you will need to identify the path for personal growth that will get you there. Right now as you are you hold a great deal of potential, and when you transform that potential into actions you will move toward the achievement of your ideal for success. Along the way there will also be things you need to learn that you don’t now know. As you formulate your plan, and begin to take actions also focus on the next things you will need to learn or skills you’ll need to develop to get you where you need to go on your path for success.

Your purpose must not only focus on the greater outcome, but the lesser steps along the way. Knowing your purpose helps you to focus on what success means to and for you. It helps you to recognize opportunities in apparent failures or stumbling blocks. On the way to your greater purpose you will need to make it your purpose to take actions, and to make the personal growth that your ultimate purpose will require from you once you get there.

Your success is within you right now. As you move along the path toward the attainment of that success enjoy the journey. Don’t be like the dieter who will buy a new outfit after they’ve lost all the weight, who will go on vacation after they’ve lost all the weight, or who will start to enjoy life after they’ve lost all the weight. On your journey to success and personal growth enjoy and obtain the most benefit from each leg of the journey.

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