Every person I've ever met who got anywhere in life wanted to be a success. Success, however you define it, is dependent on more than doggedness and perseverence, shrewdness and cunning, or living enough years that success finally gives up and thrusts itself upon you.

Success begins with a dream, a plan, a blueprint that you will tweak many times before success finally happens. "When the soul wishes to experience something," Meister Eckhart wrote, "she throws an image of the experience out before her and enters into her own image."

If that's true, then Who is dreaming your dream of success? Who is reaching into your future and dreaming it into existence? If you're going to be a success in this life, it seems important (to me) to look for clues to how your success is going to happen, much in the Spirit of Arthur Conan Doyle's detective Sherlock Holmes, hot in pursuit of the successful conclusion of a case that has baffled Scotland Yard as well as himself.

So, let's ask, "Who is Dreaming this life of mine, me or someone else?"

“I suggest therefore that our brain is not the source of thought but a thought amplified.” --Itzhak Bentov, Stalking the Wild Pendulum

I am here, you are here, because the Source dreamed us.

In the beginning, as we think of beginnings, was the idea, the blueprint, and the conception of you. You were part of a very good dream and the Source, upon awakening, felt good about it.

Because it was a dream, though, you were in the dream but not the total dream. For this reason, even though the Source used the basic building blocks of itself to craft you, you were not fully endowed with all its powers. You were made just a little lower. After all, we would need time to “grow up” and use wisely the powers placed within our reach (within us). One reason this earth might be thought of as a school is because the curriculum we learn here is preparing us for greater opportunities.

Look at those who have ruined nations, brought about so much pain and suffering by being so ego-driven and ask yourself, “Could these maniacs be entrusted with any rulership beyond this earth?” So, our powers, for now are limited, but at the same time quite extraordinary.

“The appearance of the movie and the whiteness of the screen are not mutually exclusive, they can both be true at the same time. In fact, if the screen was not white, the movie could not appear. So in a certain way, the fact that awareness has no particular form is essential to the appearance of forms within awareness. The appearance of forms is not exactly the same as awareness just as the appearance of a movie is not exactly the same as the movie screen--but at the same time the appearances depend on the screen, they can’t appear without it. The screen however doesn’t depend on the appearances. Similarly everything depends on awareness, but ultimately awareness doesn’t really depend on anything else...it has no origin, no cause.” --Nova Spivack: article, “Are We Living in a Simulated Reality?”

Forever was also placed in your heart when you became the conception of the Conceiver.

Truth was hidden in your soul. Search a lifetime for forever and truth, as many do today, and the irony of your searching is that you have carried within you what you went looking for!

The Source is dreaming you and me as a being capable of dreaming dreams of the Source who is dreaming us.

“When you are observing an object, on some level the object is observing you.” --Dr. Fred Hoyle

Why, you may wonder, once our template was completed, and we “appeared” on the scene to live under this vast umbrella we call multi-verses (many simultaneous universes), why would the Dreamer of the dream continue to dream us? Because we are an unfinished project.

Take a moment to scan Planet Earth in your imagination. Here we are, living in our Source’s dream, yet acting like reckless, out-of-control children. Imagine your Source tossing and turning because part of His/Her dream is pleasant, part is nightmare. Within the dream is jealousy, lust, hatred, envy, murder, greed. These are, we might say, elements of horror disturbing the Conceiver’s dream. There are also many pleasant moments the Source enjoys. Within the dream are loving acts, courage, faith, hope, goodness, tolerance, caring, and the aspiration within many hearts to live in forever.

How do we change the dream the Dreamer is dreaming? The answer becomes significant if we want to realign our life situation. Dream the best dreams possible for yourself and others because, some day, the dreams you awake from will become your reality.

“...if we can still our linguistic machinery, the mind spreads out into time and behaves in very unconventional ways.” -- Terence McKenna

Although the Dreamer dreams my dream, plus the dreams of all life forms, it is still One dream. Dream specialists tell us it is possible to alter the setting, people, and theme of a dream that upsets us. In other words, we can rearrange its elements, the sequence in which they occur, and create outcomes much more to our liking. Perhaps it is because we don’t feel like putting much effort into re-editing our waking and our sleeping dreams that our life situations repeat themselves.

Mind sleeps in the stone, dreams in the plant, awakes in the animal and becomes conscious in man.” --Friedrich von Schelling, German philosopher

The Dreamer, you see, continues to dream, but the nature of what is dreamed has changed. The Dreamer dreams our new conceptions. We have inserted our directorial vision into the dreamer’s sleep and, in doing so, have planted the dream seeds of future plentiful harvests. This is a good exercise for us because, as we practice, we become co-creators in shaping our personal lives and destiny. Seen this way, how we act, what we believe, the words we speak, and the emotions we identify with become a movie that helps the Dreamer awake to know us better, love us, comfort us, give assistance, and encourage us as we walk our path.

“If you go through infinite galaxies you will finally come upon a BEING which is the Universe. It contains everything-that-exists in our system and deserves our total attention.” --Itzhak Bentov

Does the world we know shut down when the Dreamer sleeps? No, like us, the Dreamer has an Observer who watches the dream and all activity within it.

We are tired now. We sleep. It will not be long before our dreams begin.

Sometimes we dream nonsense. Sometimes our dreams flush out unresolved emotions. Sometimes we dream dreams that contain meaningful symbolism to us. Sometimes we dream cautionary or predictive dreams. Sometimes our dreams reveal our future. Sometimes our spirit lifts out of our body and soars to and explores regions beyond the bed where we sleep.

And then—once in a while—in our dreams, we wonder about our beginnings. We explore who we are. We are instructed and rehearsed so we may possess a greater understanding of how the pieces of our lives fit into a bigger cosmological puzzle. We may also remember a time when, as we dreamed, the “fabric of reality” split apart, and we beheld glimpses of remoter worlds.

“Man’s mind mirrors a universe that mirrors man’s mind.” --Joseph Pearce

And finally, like Eastern sages have experienced on rare occasions, we may intuitively sense, as we awake, that we met and were face-to-face with the Source who is dreaming us.

Will there be a homecoming some day? A family reunion? I’ll close by saying this is an issue for reflection to be discussed (and continued) in another dream!

“A life is but one of the dreams of the more real life and so it is endless until the last one, the very real life, the life of God.” --Leo Tolstoy

"The images we hold [of success in life] steadfastly in our minds over the years are not illusions," advertising executive Robert Collier wrote in The Secret of the Ages. "They are the patterns by which we are able to mould our own destinies," as are also the dreams we dream.

Author's Bio: 

James Clayton Napier was a television broadcaster in Texas for many years. He also taught TV news gathering, writing, and speech communication at three universities. You may contact James at ithreads@aol.com or go to jamesclaytonnapier.com