Do you have the courage to succeed? Success can't be had unless you have the courage to succeed. Courage is the ability to deal with difficulty, uncertainty, and pain without getting side tracked from your chosen course of action.

Success requires heavy investment of your time, treasures, and emotion. The emotion is often the hardest part to deal with. When you want to succeed you put so much effort, so much time, and so much of yourself into the quest that it’s nearly impossible to have an impartial view of your experience on this journey.

You start your journey by making a definite decision as to what you want. You make a strong commitment to do whatever it takes to get what you want. And your emotions get bruised and battered along the way.

Quite often it’s your emotions that will either keep you moving forward or trigger you to accept failure. Courage is one of the emotions you want to have always at the ready in your success tool kit. Courage helps you to hold steady on your course.

There will always be difficulties. Sometimes you experience those difficulties because you failed to plan for the obvious challenges and obstacles. But sometimes those difficulties arise because of unforeseen external circumstances beyond your control.

In either case, the best way to handle a difficulty is to face it head on. Identify the facts surrounding the difficulty not just the information. Determine your next best actions and have the courage to take that action.

The road to success can be lonely. It’s best if you make your decisions alone based on facts. But that means you alone have all the facts and you alone make the final decision and you may feel uncertain about your decision.

Have the courage to stick to your decisions and the persistence to carry out those decisions. Success always comes down to the actions you take. And it takes courage to take actions and stick to your course in spite of challenges and uncertainties. Use the tools below to obtain your keys to success.

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