To succeed you must transform your dreams into actions. You must take those actions each and every day to achieve success. And that’s why most people never succeed.

Most people lack the persistence to take action each and every day. To succeed you must have a clear plan for what success means to you and how you’ll get it. Then each and every day you must take at least one action that will move you closer to what you want.

But what happens to most people is that their actions come to a grinding halt. At first you’re all excited about your plans for success and eager to take action. Then the reality of the burden of the tasks begins to erode away at that excitement.

You run into obstacles and challenges that make getting success difficult. If you don’t have a positive attitude you’ll quickly decide that your plans won’t work and give up. Or you’ll blame other people and make excuses for not being able to do what you planned to do.

But if you want to succeed there can be no excuses and no one to blame but you. You are responsible to find a way when things seem impossible. No one can stop you from succeeding but you, and so there is no one to blame but you.

If you want to succeed you can’t let one day pass without taking action to achieve it. If you do that one day that you decide to avoid action could be the very day that a key opportunity becomes available and you won’t be ready for it. Most people lack the commitment and persistence to take action each and every day.

Someone can tell you exactly what actions to take each day to succeed yet you aren’t likely to do them. Unless you have a burning desire to accomplish what you’ve set out to do. Even when the actions you need to take will save your life you may not do them unless you have a burning desire an unstoppable persistent desire to achieve success.

The choice is yours. Will you develop a plan for success? Will you take at least one action each and every day that will take you closer to achieving success? If you will there’s nothing or no one who can stop you from succeeding.

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