You didn’t choose an easy business. The fact that you’re still in the business makes you not only a survivor, but a person who understands success. Yet, each day you’re faced with temporary defeats that if you allowed them to could rob you of your success. Hopefully, you also understand your future success rests in the lessons you can learn from these temporary set-backs.

Today’s defeats can only be temporary defeats unless you make the decision to quit. Then and only then can they be failures. Part of your success strategy is in maintaining your passion and finding that nugget from each set-back that will make you stronger and more successful in the future. But you can’t find nuggets that you aren’t looking for.

The ability to set your emotions aside to analyze the situation will help you to find the nuggets in the apparent undesired situation. Each day you’re faced with successes and apparent failures. You count appointments gained, advances made in the sales process, and actual sales as successes. Yet, your future success is found in today’s apparent failures because it’s from those failures that you’ll learn how to be intentionally successful in your business. Don’t allow an apparent failure to pass without taking the time to reflect on it, and the future opportunities to be had from it.

You may need to use creativity and imagination to turn those unpleasant lessons into a pleasant tomorrow. Set aside a time each day to reflect on your victories and your apparent failures. As you reflect ask yourself what went well, what didn’t go well, what you could have done differently that you will do differently in the future to get the results I want. You can’t expect to obtain success from doing more of the things that aren’t working for you. Yes, some things take practice in order to gain comfort. But when something isn’t getting more comfortable, and you aren’t seeing improvements and results from your practice that’s a good sign you’re doing the wrong thing.

The success strategy that worked so well for someone else may not work for you. You aren’t them and they aren’t you, and there isn’t just one right road to success. The right road to success is the road that is based on your strengths, values, and natural behaviors. From your apparent failures evaluate if the situation was in alignment with your natural strengths, if it was in alignment with your values, and if it fit your natural behaviors. The pain you feel is a warning sign that what you’re doing now isn’t in alignment with who you are and want to be. You’ll find your long-term long-lasting success when you learn how to adapt what you’re doing now to better fit you.

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