A definite burning desire for success is a great success strategy. All success begins with an idea. You take that idea and develop it into an actionable plan. Without a definite desire though it’s really easy to get derailed on your journey toward success, and sometimes you can’t get back on track because you lack the definite desire to do so.

Definite desire comes from clearly knowing what you want. What you want needs to be written down in as much detail as you can muster. Sometimes the easiest way to get yourself going on this thought process is to list everything you don’t want. Perhaps you don’t want to: have to get up at 6:00 A. M. every morning to dress for work, miss out on important family and friend events because you have to work, or to stress out each month wondering how you’ll ever have enough money to pay all your bills. Get down to the really unpleasant things you don’t want that you have now.

You are usually more motivated to take action on your success strategy when it will get you out of or away from something you really don’t like. Now that you have all the yuck out, let’s turn the table. Identify and write out what you do want. Again be very specific and provide yourself with as much detail as you possibly can. This is really important All too often I work with business people who thought they were getting what they wanted, only to get it, and feel like they’re a prisoner of their own making. Avoid that by getting all your specific wants written down. Once you know exactly what you want begin looking for opportunities. Because you have such clarity about what you want you have a definite desire that will keep you going in spite of challenges and obstacles. Because you’re so clear on what you want you will almost immediately begin to see opportunities right under your nose.

You need that definite desire because you will face challenges in the achievement of your success strategy. Recognize that many times your greatest opportunities for success appear as adversities. Begin to think of those obstacles and challenges as opportunities to learn something important to your success strategy. Often times the greatest lessons and the greatest opportunities come as a result of your challenges.

Definite desire will keep you going. Your success strategy won’t happen without some really big challenges. At first glance these challenges will appear to be deal breakers or success killers. When your desire is strong enough because you definitely know what you’re trying to achieve, you’ll pull yourself up by your bootstraps and keep grinding until you find another way to get to the same end.

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