Desire, belief, and persistence could be called the three sisters of any success strategy. Why are they so important? No matter how you define success or what you have to do to get there you will face obstacles and challenges along the way. Without sufficient desire for the prize, without sufficient belief in yourself and what you want, and without sufficient persistence you will never get the success you want.

What is desire and where does it come from? Desire is an insatiable longing for your ideal of success. You have to want your ideal for success strongly enough that you’re willing to do things that at first may be hard for you, that you may not want to do, and that you may not know how to do now. When you clearly understand what success would mean to you and for you, your desire will be much stronger than if your thoughts haven’t gone farther than just being a whim. All success stems from one sound idea. The more detail you have surrounding your idea the greater your desire for attainment. Your desire needs to be so strong that the achievement of this success becomes your purpose for being.

What is belief and why is it an important part of your success strategy? Belief is your acceptance, the acceptance in your own mind with certainty, that you will achieve your ideal of success. Your belief will help you to recognize temporary defeats for what they are. Your belief will help you to find the lesson to be learned from all set backs. Your belief in yourself will help you to take that knowledge and use it to immediately take right action.

When you were little and you wanted something you understood persistence. Persistence is the quality of continuing steadily despite problems or obstacles. When you’re persistent you will recognize there is a solution for every obstacle, and that it is up to you to find it. When you’re persistent you will recognize that your success is readily available to you from the opportunities that surround you. Your persistence will help you to identify the opportunities that were always there, but that you couldn’t see before. Your persistence will enable you to drive forward in the face of adversity.

All success strategies require alignment between your desires, beliefs, and persistence. This alignment comes from a concentrated effort to keep all your actions focused on moving you closer to your ideal of success. Alignment gives you the power and the justification to turn away from anything that isn’t in alignment with your ideal for success. Aligning your desire, belief, and persistence creates a purpose driven success strategy.

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