Don’t confuse imagination with invention. You don’t necessarily need to come up with something that doesn’t exist now and figure out a way to make it exist. How you can use imagination as your success strategy is to use imagination to use something in a way that isn’t being done in a particular way by a particular group now. The imagination you need is related to your resourcefulness.

Imagination usually starts with an impulse or spark of thought. As you think about success and what that means to you allow your mind the freedom to think about how you will achieve success in a variety of directions. Don’t prejudge the seemingly random or unrelated thoughts that come to you as you think about success. You may not immediately recognize how these thoughts could fit into your path to success, but record them anyway so you can come back to them and review them from time to time.

As you begin to think about success and how you’ll achieve it you may notice that your desire increases. Don’t allow yourself to restrict your desire. Strong desire is a very important requirement in the achievement of success. If you don’t have a strong desire to get success you’ll never have the underlying motivation you’ll need to get what you want. When things get tough you’ll simply give up, and your success becomes nothing more than a dream that you’ll look back on and wish you would have persisted.

Success will be very difficult if not impossible for you without a plan. Your plan should include both long-term plans for success and short-term plans for success. You need to have small incremental successes in order to get the big successes that you really want. It’s a whole lot easier to get the small incremental successes when your plans are based on continuous actions.

As you look at your plans for success begin to ask how you could add something, take something away, use something that isn’t being used now, or use something differently. What will need to happen for you to succeed? Is there something you could add that would make you different and more desirable in the market place thereby shortening your path to success? The same applies to taking something away, using something that isn’t being used now, or using something differently. The first supermarket was based on using the idea of self-service from the cafeteria industry and applying it to the grocery industry. Prior to the supermarket when you went to the grocery store you handed the grocer your list and the grocer gathered your groceries and brought them to you. Use your imagination to enhance your success strategy.

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