Failure is not an option; it’s a judgment and a misunderstanding of where you are and what’s going on. Failure is simply what you have labeled a very necessary part of a very necessary process. And, failure can also be an idea used as an excuse to discontinue efforts or activities in a certain area of your life. But there is truly no such thing as a “failure,” only outcomes, misunderstandings, and judgments – which often lead to more of the same.

And even outcomes are only waypoints along your path to whatever you decided you’re heading toward. You can’t get there from where you were without going through where you are; that’s a fact and a natural law. There’s only now; all else is memory and speculation – usually resulting in grief, anger, resentment, fear, and worry. We simultaneously experience the moment (“now”) while using it, and our emotional responses to “it,” to create future moments – “now’s” we will experience “later.”

If we dwell on failure, and allow our thoughts, words, and behaviors to remain at that level, frequency, attitude, or position, we will continue to create unfulfilling moments for ourselves – fueled by our negative emotions. If you want to experience future successes, just remember that, when they come, it will be “now;” you must begin now practicing for success “now” by thinking, feeling, and acting like “success.” Think successful and you will become successful – no matter what “success” means to you.

If you experience what you consider to be a failure, then reflect on it only from the perspective of what seemed to be “missing” from, or blocking, a more successful outcome. Then leave the memory in the past taking only wisdom into the future – not regrets. Use your new-found wisdom; and focus on improving the areas of your performance or offering that seemed to be a little short of producing your desired outcome. If anything, “Failure” is simply an unfortunate name given, by unfortunate people, to a great and powerful teacher. When you have balanced the scales, you’ll find your “light” at the end of your tunnel, or your pot of gold at the end of your rainbow.

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