Self-confidence as a success principle is clearly demonstrated in a sales person. Everyone is in sales one way or another. Whether you’re a business owner, a commission only sales person, or you work within a company. You’re always selling someone on your ideas to get the desired results you want. This desired result takes you closer to success.

If you or someone you know are new in sales you project a lower level of self-confidence in your every action than someone who excels in sales. You’re aware that you’re doing it because you feel very uncomfortable, but in spite of your awareness you can’t seem to muster up the self-confidence you know you need. You’re belief in your abilities is getting in your way. You can help yourself to change those beliefs and increase your self-confidence by recalling all the things you’ve been really successful doing in the past. Evaluate what makes you a really good sales person now, and don’t discount the value of your abilities. As you evaluate your past successes and your current abilities begin to recognize that there is no reason to believe that you don’t have everything you need to be very successful now. Believe your success is in the next action you take.

Your attitudes form out of your beliefs. And you communicate your beliefs through your attitudes. If you believe you’re successful and that your next action will take you one step closer to success you’ll have an attitude of self-confidence. Self-confidence isn’t arrogance. Self-confidence is just your belief in yourself and your abilities. When you have self-confidence your attitude is one of being able to deal with the situation or circumstance.

Your attitudes drive your behaviors. Your behaviors are reflected in your actions, and your actions determine your success. When you lack self-confidence you tend not to take the very actions that would bring you success and increase your self-confidence. It’s a self-defeating vicious circle. The only way to break out of this cycle is to take the actions you need to take believing that your next action will take you closer to success. And it will.

Success is the result you want. But you can’t get results without actions. Think back to anything you’ve ever done that at first you didn’t think you could. Maybe it was when you were learning how to drive a car. At first it was hard to start and hard to stop hard to turn and hard to keep the car on the road, but after you took enough action you began to feel one with the car. Driving the car began to feel natural, when at first it felt terribly awkward and perhaps even scary. But you learned, it became easy, and now it feels natural and you have full self-confidence in your ability to get yourself wherever you want driving a car. Your beliefs, attitudes, and actions will result in the self-confidence you need to achieve success.

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