Knowing when to walk is part of personal growth and success. Sometimes you’re just so eager you’re willing to do anything to take a step forward. The problem is when you’re in that situation when you think you’re stepping forward you’re really stepping backward. Success always come through the help of other people. That help has to have mutual value and respect though, or you both come out a loser.

In your eagerness for success don’t allow others to take advantage of you or use you. Sometimes it comes in the form of requesting a price cut, asking for additional products and services, or some other concession where you’re asked to give more than you’ve offered. If you know your offer is fair resist the temptation to make these concessions. When you do you’re really telling the other party that your original offer wasn’t fair. From your perspective also realize that people who always want something more, extra, or special beyond what you do for everyone else are high maintenance people that you can’t ever please. Walking away means you won’t have your offer accepted, but it also means you won’t be taken advantage of or placed in a situation where you have to work with someone you don’t want to work with.

The golden rule always applies to anything you do to achieve success. That means you must never take advantage of others either. When you’re talking to someone and you determine they just aren’t a match for you simply thank them for their time and walk away. When you try to push to have your offer accepted the other person feels manipulated, and they won’t have a very high regard for you. This can come back to haunt you in the form of word-of-mouth advertising they do for you and your cause.

However you’re trying to obtain success the perceived value of your offer must always be greater than what you’re asking. You have to provide more value than the other person is paying to get success. It doesn’t matter if you’re applying for a job, buying a business, or selling a product or service the value formula always holds true. It’s also true that perceived value isn’t necessarily equal to true value. Perceived value depends on your ability to clearly communicate the benefits the other person is looking for.

No one achieves success solely through their own greatness. You’re able to increase your value through the growth of others. A coach becomes great because the coach can help others to achieve more than they could without the coach. A company becomes great because their employees grow and develop and continue to increase the value of the company. A doctor becomes great as a result of healing others. What can you do to make those around you great so you can increase your own greatness.

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