Success makers hold themselves accountable. True success comes from holding yourself accountable to accomplish the targets you set. Success makers know what to track and measure.

True progress can only happen when you’re tracking and measuring the right things. You know what to track and measure based on what you are trying to accomplish, and what you can quantify in relation to that accomplishment. Even though you may find it difficult at first to measure things that seem more qualitative than quantitative realize its just a matter of practice and focus. No matter what success means to you it will require action for you to get there. Those actions are track-able, measurable, and quantifiable.

If the path to success were smooth everyone would already be there. Once you’ve identified the most important things for you to track and measure on a weekly basis you’ll find that you won’t hit your targets every week. Don’t just accept not hitting your targets. When you don’t hit your targets review why you didn’t hit your targets and develop and implement a plan for how you will hit them the next week. Allowing things to slide, allowing yourself excuses isn’t self-accountability. Your friends, family, and associates will let you off the hook; but you shouldn’t let yourself off the hook. You may discover you need to change your targets, or the things you track for very good reasons, but never just excuse things away.

When something just isn’t working, don’t just keep doing it. Readjust and implement a corrective plan when what you’re doing isn’t working. For example, many sales people are supposed to make a bunch of cold calls each week to drum up business. If that isn’t working for you don’t just keep doing it, find another way to get what you need without having to make cold calls. Readjust and implement on a weekly basis until you’ve developed the skills, systems, and methods that work best for you.

When you’re the success maker you’re in the driver’s seat. It simply won’t work for you to try to be a back seat driver. Being self-accountable means it’s up to you to get the road map, plot the shortest path, find your way around road blocks and traffic jams, and get yourself safely to your desired destination. Self-accountability puts you in the driver’s seat and makes it much easier for you to be a success maker.

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