Being successful is no far off place. It is probably closer then you think, but, at this vantage point in your life it may feel a million miles away. Ask yourself, do you have the mindset to see the opportunities to your best life? Being successful is not about always making the “right” move every time, but about maximizing all your moves.

Once you’ve lived past thirty, you can finally get a little perspective on your life. If you really look at your life, there is a pattern. Even the mistakes, the “wrong” choices, taught you lessons. You may not have enjoyed the process, but you can see the benefits in the chaos – the so called “silver lining.”

Sometimes delay is a good thing. During delays you often acquire more knowledge and experience, laying a foundation for your future success. However, it is during these delays that I believe people can veer off the path by becoming frustrated in the process.

Whether it’s losing faith in your product, yourself or the old “not enough time”, here are some suggestions that have helped my clients to remain on the path to success and may they support you…

1. Believe in yourself and your product. This is where it all begins – you. How is your self-esteem or self-confidence? If you don’t think well of yourself, no one else will, plain and simple. Which of course, will transfer to your product and you will miss opportunities. So how you feel about yourself matters and directly impacts your success. If this is an issue for you, try saying to yourself five different times a day, “I believe in myself. Success enters my life easily and effortlessly from all around me.” It may feel awkward at first, but soon you will notice a calming effect.
2. You deserve success. How did that feel when you read this? Any twinges? If so, this is also an area to examine. Not only do you need to believe in yourself, but you have to feel worthy of success too – back to you again. You may try adding, “I deserve and accept a beautiful life,” to your daily mantra above to help support a new, deserving belief in your life.
3. Have a plan. It’s all well and good to believe that you deserve success, but what does that mean? What would success look like to you and what are the steps to get there? This is a big hurdle for many because it requires putting your words into action. Just as your thoughts and intensions call new opportunities to you, you must be willing to act upon their arrival. For example, maybe you want a new job making more money. There are steps between today and a new job. Do you know what these are? Do you need more education? Have you looked in the paper or online? Think about what success is to you and then write it out. Include the steps to achieve the success you desire. Then each day, do one thing to move you in that direction – read an article, make a phone call, research, whatever, at least one a day. You will notice your life shifting, easily and effortlessly almost, into a new, more successful direction.
4. Be flexible. This may seem a little confusing at first, but it kind of goes to the old saying, “Once you make plans, life happens.” This is very true fortunately, so stay open. Let me explain. Once you shift your belief system to a successful mindset – you attract success. Things that were blocked before come flying into your life. This, in turn, disrupts your “plans” – well, maybe not. Sometimes, you discover your plans were too small and life has something better in store for you…So stay flexible, be ready to expand into the fullness of life as it unfolds.
5. Use your fears to balance yourself. Whenever you get really close to success, fear walks in the door, almost its final hurrah. Fear hides as doubts, anxiety, sleeplessness, certain people, the list goes on and on…but I now see fear as an opportunity. Fear to me is an indicator of imbalance which means I need support. Sometimes I can give this to myself through meditation and prayer, but sometimes it means I need to reach out to my husband, friend or a mentor for encouragement and reassurance. Find a support system for yourself as you transition to this new life.

Finally, remember patience and courage -- the patience to allow yourself the opportunity to transform your life to its fullest potential and the courage to walk and stumble through that transformation.

Years ago a friend whispered, “Courage,” in my ear during a pivotal time in my life. I can still remember the strength hearing that word vibrated through my body. Courage, not condescending, “It’ll be ok. Don’t worry,” but strong and faithful courage. It actually helped me to be a little more patient too. So I offer you courage, as you discover your path to a successful, abundant life.

Author's Bio: 

Kelly Ballard is a Professional Intuitive Counselor and Energy Healer specializing in helping others discover positive solutions for immediate change/growth in their lives through private sessions and meditations. She can be reached at 720-984-4232 or email You can find more information about her services and CDs at She lives in Louisville, CO.