The world of HOW TO information, is running rampant

And, with the Internet, there's the enormous possibility to flood your life with a library load of info...


But see, it's NEVER the HOW TO info that'll help you get what you want in life.

Take any area you're trying to improve:




Business or career success...


Or... whatever it is for you that you wantto improve.

Let's take health.

And, let's take LOSING WEIGHT as an example.

When you search the Internet, you'll see a plethora of DIETS that happily tell you that they'll help you shed the excess, that they'll melt the pounds.

There's the Cabbage Diet...

The Green Tea Diet...

The Atkins Diet...

The South Beach Diet...

The Hips, Bums and Thighs Diet...

The Hoolah Boolah Diet...

There's a thousand and one diets out there.

But if a person has said they wanted to lose weight, but they're still at square one - even after 'trying' all the diets in the world, then what's wrong here?

What's not quite right?

I mean, there's all the HOW TO info there to help send the pounds packing...

So, what's up?

Well, losing the weight is NEVER based on the HOW TO diet.

For if it was, all those who say they want to lose weight and, have got on one of those programmes, they would have reached their ideal weight by now.

The plain and simple fact is these people DON'T WANT TO lose weight.

That's right.

They simply don't want to lose the weight.

"But, but, but... "

There's no 'buts' about it.

If you wanted to lose weight, I mean REALLY WANTED to lose weight, then it doesn't matter what HOW TO information you
choose in order to lose the weight...


And, you could shuffle all those diets, exercise programmes, nutrition info, etc and throw them into a large box and, if
you really wanted to lose the weight, you could be blindfolded and pick ANY of the 'HOW TO's' and...

Any of the 'HOW TO' info will work for you!

Are you getting the distinction here?

If you do, the implications are HUGE.

Because, this is not only true for health and losing weight, it's true for ANY area in your life you're looking to get
better in.

Let's take creating a successful business.

Note the word CREATING.

There's a vitality and energy in that.

As opposed to - let's start a business.

Okay, here's what I hear when I consult with people about their business.

"I can't seem to get this business going, I don't know how to... "

"There's too much going on that I don't know what to concentrate on first or how to do it... "

"I'm a bit nervous about charging the fees for what I do... "

Well, again, it's not that people don't know HOW TO do any of the above.

As I say, get on the Internet and you'll find all the HOW TO information you need.


The HOW TO information is not the real thing here.

The key here is the WANT TO and the commitment to the reasons behind wanting to make things happen.

I've found most have no clear cut reasons for wanting what it is they say they want.

And, because they skip this part, there's an automatic rush to the HOW TO information to help them succeed.

As you've seen, it's pure folly.

Nothing great will ever happen if there aren't specific, beneficial reasons for wanting things to happen.

For, when you have the WANT TO in place, you become a predator, you develop a voracious appetite to want to KNOW what you need to do to make things happen...

To help you get what you want.

And, you'll GET IT. No question about it.

There's just no two ways about it. Once you shift from simple 'trying and being interested' in things, to then being
committed and really wanting to make things happen... LIFE EXPLODES into new life.


If you're feeling frustrated and somewhat at a loss because you're not getting what want, check your internal desire, check your deep deep WANT TO, check the real benefits you'll get for
reaching what it is you say you want.

If when you do the above, you then find that you're not really committed to getting what you want, simply admit that.

Admit that you're not ready...

for losing weight...

for creating a profitable business...

for having great relationships...

for improved communications...

for greater wealth...

See, there's great power in acknowledging that you're not ready for it.

It frees you up from beating yourself up.

However, when you are ready, when you really WANT THINGS TO HAPPEN, and you have STRONG BENEFICIAL REASONS that will
happen because of reaching what you want, then you OWN YOUR LIFE AND YOU CAN COMMIT TO ANYTHING...


Author's Bio: 

Raja C. Hireker - Business & Success Coach
Refusing to buy into people's limiting beliefs about themselves.