One of the essential qualities you need to heal from old, self-limiting beliefs is the permission to be unique and different. Give yourself permission to be the true you.

What truly inspires you and motivates you?

What is it you feel the most passionate about and what are you most driven by?

What is it that you’ve always wanted to do but maybe haven’t given yourself permission to do?

Yeah...all those. All those dreams you’ve disregarded because of the excuses you’ve fed yourself...“I’m too old”...“I’m too young”... “I don’t have enough money”... “I don’t have enough training or education.”

So, instead of falling prey to these excuses, spend some time to answer the three questions above...actually, spend as much as you need!

Sometimes, you’ll find where you feel uncomfortable, awkward, weird, anxious, and/or nervous is exactly the place you need to be to fully express your true self. This discomfort is merely you breaking through what you’ve become accustomed to and stretching yourself into new territory.

Sometimes, in fact, that’s the exact path you’ll need to follow to break through those old limitations.

This now brings you to your True Essence.

Whatever your spiritual beliefs may be, you were born in the image of The Divine. In other words, you were put here to be a reflection of The Divine for a very distinct purpose—to somehow serve humankind, and to live in your absolute and utmost greatness.

The only way to accomplish this, and reap all the prosperity your greatness will bring you is to find, and walk, your unique path of passionate purpose and to fully utilize your natural gifts and talents. When you live your life using your gifts and talents with purpose and passion, you’ll find your calling in life in that same place…That’s the fullest expression of your Soul Print!

Another way of explaining this is: To Live true to your Highest Self.

Your Highest Self is spirit-driven by your personal truth, which is the sum of your values, priorities, likes, needs, purpose and vision. It is 100% you.

Your smaller self, on the other hand, is ego-driven and based in fear, desperation, and neediness. You’ll recognize this ego-driven smaller self by it’s characteristics of trying to always “be right”, always needing to explain and always trying to people-please.

When you’re in your Highest Self, you'll always be looking for new avenues of growth, learning and discovery.

The question is: Do you want to break-through those old limitations or do you want to be held captive by’s up to you!

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