Temporary defeat means there’s something wrong with your plan and that’s all it means. Don’t allow temporary defeats to get you off track and keep you from getting the success that is yours to have. When you recognize that a temporary defeat just means you need to go back to your plan, and identify the adaptations and changes you need to make you keep your focus on forward progress rather than past defeats.

Sometimes those set-backs will make you realize the direction you were headed didn’t line-up with your values. Always stay true to your values. What could you change to make your plan align with your values? Sometimes it isn’t the plan itself that doesn’t fit with your values, but other people. When other people aren’t a value match for you it’s in your best interest to part ways. Most people hold fast to their values so neither party will be willing to change their values and you shouldn’t. Acknowledge this value difference agree to disagree, and find the people who hold the same values as you do.

Keep your plan in alignment with your integrity. Your plan should support your integrity. Once you compromise your integrity you step on a slippery slope that can cause your whole plan to crater and leave you broken and emotionally devastated.

As you move along your path to success you will need the help and support of other people. Recognize when you need the help of other people and allow other people to help you to achieve success. You don’t have to learn everything yourself. You don’t have to do everything yourself. If you insist on learning and doing everything yourself you’re causing yourself to take longer to achieve success than you need to take.

At some point you’ll need more resources than you currently have. You may need more time, talents, or treasures than you have available or that you can readily access. At times you won’t be able to just buy what you need. Other times you simply won’t have the cash to buy what you need. That’s when you’ll really need to have your creativity kick in. Perhaps you can trade labor or services, or you can get someone to loan you the resources you need. Focus on what you need until you find a way to get it so you can keep going on your path for success.

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