What is the "Stress Release Exercise"?
It is a method to release stress, so that one becomes more relaxed and emotionally and mentally balanced. This has its influence on the body and can prevent all kind of diseases and is also the basic condition for each healing process.
Everybody can do this exercise and can have great benefit from it, it doesn't matter which lifestyle one has adapted or in which situation or condition one is at this moment. And for sure this exercise does not depend on one's beliefs or concepts, philosophical, religious or materialistic.

With the 'Stress Release Exercise' I want to help you to enter into a state of relaxation in an easy way and that you can learn to respond and relate to daily life situations without getting into stress or at least that the stress which is not possible to be avoided, can be released and doesn't accumulate.

The exercise is easy to do, you don't need to join a group or a seminar, you can do it all by yourself and you can start right now. There is no 'ritual' necessary, just plain information and a clear advice - and then you just need to practice.

The leaflet I am distributing, like all what is offered from me and FalconBlanco, is totally for free. If there is any problem showing up, the best is you read my advice again and then the FAQ and then practice the exercise again. If it still doesn't seem to work, then you can write an email to me and I will answer as soon as possible. There is also a 'hotline' available and you can phone me and ask for advice. If I'm not there you can leave your telephone number at the answering machine and I will call you back (land line only). Or there is the possibility that you join the 'StressReleaseExerciseYahoogroup', where you have a platform to ask questions or give your comments or having an exchange with other people.
This 'Stress Release Exercise' is available to every body and every where, one only need to do it.

If you ask me what gives me the 'credentials' to give advice and talk here, then I can tell you that I have been doing this exercise and similars for about fifty years. It helped me in all kind of difficulties and also to stay alive and healthy, or when I got sick, to heal myself. Not only this, it gives me the calmness, security and the trust to go on, even it seems impossible. I am convinced that due to the 'Stress Release Exercise' I never had depressions, although there have been more than enough reasons for it.

Seeing all the suffering around and that there is wasted so much energy, I feel urged to share my experiences so that people can get out of the vicious cycles they are trapped in and so can heal themselves and enjoy their existence and life. I am convinced that the 'Stress Release Exercise' is the easiest and most effective way to achieve this.

What is the benefit from practicing the 'Stress Release Exercise'?
Having practiced it for some time, one becomes more relaxed and then is able to relate and respond in a different way to whatever shows up in one's life, outside and inside. -
By being more relaxed and not building up tension in daily life one is able to observe in a more objective way: not just out of ones limited conditions responding from there, but in a more wholesome way and being able to understand better oneself, because one gets to know oneself but also others viewpoints and so one is more effective in every thing one is doing or trying to reach.
One gains a new attitude and a new focus which then changes and betters one's responses. Then one's 'bad' habits might change, because one is realizing that these are not favorable for oneself. One will become more aware and so more critical about what one takes in or does and one can decide if this is really what one wants. One will live healthier on all levels of one's existence. One will not need to demonstrate anything anymore, not needing to provoke or manipulate others to get what one wants, so being less dependent on others and the surrounding... - Self expression will gain a new dimension.
Doing the exercise regularly one can prevent that tension builds up, accumulated stress is released and so one is preventing many diseases which are resulting from stress. There are much more benefits, you will find out yourself when having practiced regularly for some time...

How to do the "SRE"
You can do the 'Stress Release Exercise' anywhere. To start with, you might choose favorable conditions. Find a quiet place where you can be without disturbance by too much noise or other influences. You shouldn't be under the effect of alcohol or any kind of drugs, you shouldn't be too tired or exhausted. Sit comfortably, if possible with a straight back, then you can begin. Twenty minutes each time is enough, you can do it twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. But at least once a day and this every day. Every day!! Maybe you will need to force yourself a little bit the first few days, but then after three weeks it will be an established habit and you will do it, not wanting to miss it anymore.

Later on, when you are used to the exercise, then you can do it also only for a few minutes when you feel that you are getting into stress. For example when you get stuck in a traffic jam or waiting in your office for a phone call, you just close your eyes and do it...

OK, now you sit down and close your eyes. You are comfortable? Yes. OK. Now: You don't need to do anything, nothing at all!! You just sit there and - you are aware of it... What this means that you are aware of your body. You are aware that you are sitting there. You might be aware of the silence or some noise in the near or far background. But you don't do anything! You are just aware of what is there. You don't focus or concentrate on it, you are just aware of it, - nothing else. Then what might happen is that you are aware of being lost in some thoughts, what means that you went into thoughts about something, it doesn't matter what this is. That is all right and part of the exercise. What means that you don't want to avoid thoughts or any feelings, you don't suppress what comes up. Just let it happen, without judging it or giving any special importance to it. Just let it happen... and observe it. So there is a little tip which will help so that you don't go constantly from one thought into another: The moment when you are aware that you are thinking, then you just switch to being aware of your breathing. The same: You don't focus or concentrate on your breathing, you are just aware of it. Without wanting to do anything about it, just observe it! This might go on for a while and then again you find yourself lost in some thoughts. That's all right! So then you go back to observing your breathing. And so on and on... Then it might be happen that there are moments when there are no thoughts and no awareness of yourself or your surrounding and it seems you were falling into a sleep. This too is all right, don't worry about it, if you were really falling into a sleep, then you will wake up soon, probably you were just relaxed and needed it... Just be aware of yourself and the state of being you are now. Maybe you are indeed more relaxed... So you get up and go to your daily work...

What else? This 'Stress Release Exercise' is so easy to do that there shouldn't be any difficulties practising it. But for some people it might appear 'too easy to be true', mostly because they have been doing similar exercises before and these were more complicate, so now they mix up the exercises and do things they are not ask for and then it doesn't work...

Remember: If there is any problem showing up, the best is you read my advice again and then the FAQ and then sit down and do the exercise again. If it still doesn't seem to work, then you can email me and I will answer as soon as possible. If you are having difficulties and feel uncomfortable and in turn want to stop practicing the exercise, just ask for help. If you don't find an answer in the FAQ, then you can email me or use my 'hot line' or you can join my Yahoo group 'StressReleaseExercise', where you can ask for help and also post your comments have exchange with like minded people.

If now you are convinced and you are practicing your exercise and you are experiencing the benefits of it, then it might be that you want to participate in our initiative to let others get to know about the 'Stress Release Exercise'. You can email me how many of the leaflets you want, to give them to your friends and we will send them to you for free.
The leaflet will soon be available in German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Check, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Italian and French.


Author's Bio: 

BeiYin is an expert in Meditation and various methods of relaxation and has been practicing for more than fifty years. He is the founder of the Intentional Community 'FalconBlanco' (founded in 1975).