In todays economy, it is sometimes necessary to have a two family income. This can create problems in families where there has been a stay at home mom.

Studies have shown that just because mom is not home, children can still thrive in other atmospheres. They have also shown that both working and stay at home moms can contribute equally to a childs development.

Stress is a part of everyday life. However, for the working mom, it can be even more so. Moms rise and shine way before anyone else, to prepare breakfast, and school lunches if needed, and then wake up the rest of the family. It is mom who deals with the tired cranky children, get them ready and off to school. Then it is her turn to get ready for work, drop the babies off at daycare, and then off to work they go to work long hours.

When the workday is done, they go home to their families, cook dinner, do laundry, run errands clean the house, check the homework, pay the bills, and tuck the little ones in bed for the night. If the working mom is lucky, she can sit for an hour or so with her spouse.

This may seem like it is an awful lot to take in, and you may wonder how can anyone do this day after day?

Being a mother, whether it is a working mom or stay at home mom, it is a 24/7 position that does not come with many coffee breaks.

When you add an eight-hour workday to this, the result will undoubtedly be stress. The amount of stress can be limited with good time management skills.

When you present a good self-image to your children, they will naturally develop to be better adjusted. Children, even small children, can sense stress and will naturally react to it.

Parents are the biggest influence in a childs life. Parents are whom the child models themselves after and it is the parents who shape their child. If a parent is a contributing member of society, then the child will be also.

It is important to talk about your day, your child will want to hear about your trials and tribulations of the day, it helps them to understand what you do for work during the day.

When both parents work, it is crucial that the household responsibilities be shared. Children need to feel that they are loved by both parents, not just mom. When the father shares in the childcare routine, they are forming a bond with their children as strong as mom is. This is crucial to developing a well-adjusted happy child. Starting a routine where dad is involved also gives mom a chance to catch her breath after a long day.

When stress from work is brought home, children sense it and can make it difficult for them to express themselves. They do not understand the feelings that they have and tend to act out more.
When a child has these feelings, the subconscious reactions that they have can cause them even more stress.
It is important to keep the stress from work at work and not bring it home.

When a child is born, the first year of their life is crucial to their development. It is in the first year that all of the childs major emotional bonds are formed. These bonds will last for the rest of your childs life. They recognize their primary care giver as their protector, and if both parents work outside the home, it can have a serious impact on the child. Some children view their parents as company, and some children even fear when their parents take them home from their daycare provider. If it is possible, staying home for the first year of life will help your child to bond with you.

There are some parents who feel a sense of loss because they work long hours. They feel that they are letting their children down in some way. This can lead to a dangerous cycle of buying gifts for their children to make up for not being home. Experts advise against this because children will inevitably take advantage of these feelings. As the child gets older, the gifts get more expensive and the child grows to expect it.

Spending quality time with your children is far better then gifts of guilt. The time that you spend together will last far long then the gifts that you can buy.

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