In the Journey Back to Self CD, I define an “affirmation” as a positive, supportive thought, statement or intention. You can use affirmations to help your desire become reality. As you say and believe your affirmation, you will automatically become more creative and enthusiastic about making the intention happen. In addition, you will begin to see “synchronicity” or “Divine” intervention take place to further your dream as people, ideas or situations emerge to help you. A common response to this synchronicity is “what a coincidence” but rather than a coincidence, Carl Jung would say it is the “Collective Unconscious” in action.

The following are some simple techniques that will help strengthen your affirmations in order to make them a reality. For more information, click on

1. Reword a challenging affirmation so it is believable. It is important to believe with your entire being that your affirmation is attainable. When you state an affirmation that is unrealistic, in your current life circumstances, you will not believe to it even if it is a wonderful goal. For example, for you to affirm that you are going to become an astronaut is probably an affirmation that is unrealistic and not believable. No matter how much you say it, your gut will not believe it and therefore, can not affirm it. Instead, substitute an affirmation that you can “hang your hat on and believe” such as, “I intend to travel more” or “I am in the process of learning how to have more adventures”. A statement like this is believable and will help you to stay positive while generating ideas on how to make the affirmation become reality.

2. Say the affirmation as an ongoing process. If you only speak about affirmations in the present tense, you may internally disbelieve them and feel doubt. An example would be if you weigh 400lbs and affirm “my body is slim and healthy” you probably will not accept this affirmation because it is not true. Instead, when you say the affirmation as an act in progress, you are better able to accept it and feel it is possible. As you reframe this affirmation and say, “I have decided to become slimmer and healthier” you can trust in the possibility. It will then become an ongoing affirmation that gives hope and enthusiasm while creating a sense of forward motion.

3. Ask for Divine help. When stymied, turn to a “Higher Intelligence” and ask for direction and guidance. It can be a statement as simple as “Send me the people or information that can help me”, “Show me how to handle this situation” or, I turn this situation over to You”. A tenet of Alcohol Anonymous is to “Let go and let God” as you allow the Spirit to assist you. When you ask for Divine guidance, you will experience synchronicity as people and events suddenly turn up.

4. Recognize the affirmation when it begins to manifest. Michael Loiser in his book The Law of Attraction suggests that as your goal begins to occur to be conscious of the occurrence and celebrate its appearance. Take note when someone “coincidentally” appears with assistance or with the solution that you need. Keep a notebook and record the completion of each step of the affirmation. Share your good news with others; “name it and claim it”. This recognition will help you to have a stronger sense that your desire will occur and keep you positive and motivated.

5. Use “self talk” as a tool to increase affirmations. You can strengthen your affirmation and belief in its accomplishment when you normalize your desire. Remind yourself that others have attained your goal and it is possible. Reflect on people who started out in a similar situation as you and have succeeded. For example, Wayne Dwyer began his career giving lectures in Continuing Education programs in Northport, NY and today he is a famous lecturer. I use this reminder as an inspirational “self talk”. I am originally from a town near Northport and currently give Continuing Education programs, so I relate to Dwyer’s experience and this makes my affirmation more believable and inspires me.

Reflection Questions
Write down one affirmation that you intend to focus on this month.
Choose two of the above techniques to help manifest it.

Author's Bio: 

JoAnne Ceccarelli-Egan is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a Certified Hypnotherapist and a Pastoral Counselors in the State of Connecticut.
She graduated with a BA in Psychology from Manhattanville College and did her graduate work at Boston University School of Social Work where she earned a Masters in Individual and Group Counseling and an second Masters in Theological Studies from Boston University School of Theology. In 2002, she became Certified in Hypnotherapy by the Board of American Hypnotherapy.
JoAnne is an experienced and sought after lecturer. She has presented weekend retreats and self help programs at Our Lady of Calvary, Farmington, CT since 1991. She has prepared and presented workshops for the National Association of Social Work, she teaches town wide Continuing Education programs and has begun presenting her Journey Back to Self program to Yoga Studios, local organizations and Retreat Houses.