Strength training is important to your exercise and fitness program. It will help you increase your metabolism and burn more fat and calories throughout the day by requiring your muscles and body to need more fuel for maintenance when at rest. Overall fitness is easy; all you have to do is consume a balanced, nutritious diet and introduce aerobic exercise and strength training into your daily regiment. It really is that simple.

While aerobic exercises and strength training are the most effective ways to burn fat, exercises that are high in aerobic benefit and resistance training can mean a higher level of overall fitness. Exercises such as running, jogging, swimming and cycling can provide the best aerobic workout program and keep your body fit and tone. Overall fitness can mean a stronger heart, greater lung capacity and a healthy, functioning system.

Interval training incorporates both aerobic exercise and strength training. A program of alternating lower impact, lower aerobic exercises with faster paced ones allows you burn fat quicker, train your muscles to burn fat and calories while improving your overall fitness. You can lose weight while improving your overall strength and fitness in the same program. Interval training increases lean body mass, which in turn encourages an increase in your metabolism. High intensity work followed by a recovery period effectively burns more fat. By doing interval training, you can maintain your fitness level, increase your strength and retrain your body to consume fats within your body.

Resistance training is another great way to increase your overall fitness. As you begin to build muscle, when you are at rest, the muscle will require more fuel for maintenance, which means it will require more fuel while at rest. The body will seek out fat as a fuel source. An hour of resistance training a day will effectively burn a day’s worth of calories. Women benefit greatly with resistance training. Building up muscle can help women strengthen their bones. By working your muscles, your bones are required to produce more calcium which strengthen bones and help fight osteoporosis. Building muscles through strength and resistance training along with aerobic exercise is an excellent way to promote great health and great fitness. A good rule of thumb is the greater the resistance added, the more calories you burn in the exertion; but work within your realm, as you do not want to injure yourself while trying to increase your overall fitness.

Strengthen training, whichever program you choose, will help your overall fitness. You can strengthen your internal organs, help them work more efficiently and effectively and keep your health strong and fierce. It does not matter how old you are, or what your fitness level is right now, a strength training program will help you achieve better health in the long run.
With any exercise, fitness and health program, consult your general physician prior to beginning. They know your medical history and can help you design a program that will benefit you the most.

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