The word streaking has a way of titillating us. The fun, the fear and the freedom associated with this act is what lands streaking on the to-do list of countless people every year. There is an aliveness that this act fosters that connects us to our physical body and our senses. There is a spiritual counterpart to this aliveness, it is called a high vibration and it lives in every one of our cells. When we are happy, content with our choices and fully engaged in life we elevate our vibration. As a result we contribute our positive energy to the world and are better able to handle what comes up in life.

A soul streaker, much like a physical streaker, strips off layers of spiritual clothes that are not a good fit. Societies, religions, families and cultures have a lot of clout and influence over us. Each can manipulate our views of who we are in this world and what is expected of us. We drink up customs, labels and expectations that cement our identities. This is wonderful when it is aligned with our philosophy and our spiritual needs, but a problem when the custom, belief or rule leaves us feeling bound up. All that we fill our days with will either feed or erode our spirit. Our vibration is effected by the commitments we make, the quality of food we eat, as well as our level of happiness in life to name just a few.

Let the strip tease music play. One by one let your spiritual clothing fly. Let your soul get naked the way it was when it came here. Your spirit’s quest is for aliveness and creativity. If you are engaging in low energy activities that drain your life force from you, you are on the road to ill health and crisis. Consciously infuse your days with activities you love and a sense of contribution while acting in alignment with your soul and you will enjoy abundant health and real happiness. Discover your truth and then run like the wind!

Easy Ways to raise Your Vibration Today:

Light candles: Candlelight invites a wonderful energy into your personal space. Fire is one of the basic elements of nature. Some experience an elevation in personal vibration by being near the ocean, another of nature’s elements. In the same way the quiet flickers of a soft flame can bring ease to the spirit. The glow that illuminates a room with the fire’s aura will blanket you with energy, balance and peace.

Give a kind word: Decide that today you will give unexpected “love nuggets” to others. Give several people unsolicited, positive comments as they occur to you. Compliments that are sincerely and unexpectedly given have a positive ripple that can be infinite.

Moisturize: Find a beautiful lotion that smells heavenly to you or choose one that is scent free if that is your preference. Select one with all natural and healing ingredients. After your next shower, nourish all of your skin with a complete moisturizing treatment. Allow the sensory experiences of smell and touch to energize you while they simultaneously calm you.

Release: Do you have an old belief that really doesn’t resonate with you anymore? Were you raised with a notion that seemed like truth at the time, but now seems tired? Can you release the belief and substitute it with a more authentic version of what is truth for you?

Face a fear: Decide to do something that scares you. Frying bacon while naked does not count. Sure that would be scary, but dig a little deeper to find something meaningful. Select a date in the future that you would like to have achieved this goal and then promise yourself to get it done! What do you feel is keeping your life small or unfulfilled? What fear is robbing you of joy? Is there a single act of courage that can change the direction of your life?

Keep a gratitude journal: Enter at least one thing each day that you are grateful for. When this is your regular way of looking at your life, you will steadily attract more of what you are pleased to receive. Even in the toughest of scenarios, there exists the proverbial silver lining. There is always something that you can express gratitude for.

Think before you eat: You may be surprised to learn just how often you are filling your body with something that is unnatural and confusing to your cells. Artificial sweeteners, pesticides and the like can confuse your body’s natural and wise processes. Confusion creates disharmony. Sustained dis-harmony is the precursor to its cousin dis-ease.

Your life force is stored within you much like a gas tank contains fuel for a car. During any given day you may be draining or filling this metaphorical tank. Your spirit and your personal energy will thrive when you partake in high vibration activities. These involve doing the things you love to do, being with people you genuinely enjoy, and going to places that feel good to you. Additionally, living life as a soul streaker you will be honoring your personal truth. When you live this way, you can be a streaker for life, even when you are too old to run and your parts are not as pretty as they used to be.

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Rena Reese is an author, speaker and radio host, as well as founder of Soul Salon International. With a Masters degree in counseling from Johns Hopkins University and life coach training from the Coaches Training Institute, Rena is a professional coach and speaker who addresses both adults and children. In her latest book, “The Soul Salon,” readers enjoy what would equate to year of life coaching as they learn about the path of awakening, living in alignment and enjoying a life of purpose. For more information about her books or speaking, visit