Did you know you can save a lot of money by buying your diabetes medical supplies on the Internet? Are you also aware that many of these retailers are not based in the U.S. and therefore not subject to FDA laws or standards? If you're considering the purchase of your diabetes supplies and equipment online, keep reading to find out what you can do to protect yourself.

U.S. Supplier

If you're buying diabetes medical supplies off a web-based company, look for one that's either based in the United States or your own country. Even if the prices are better, a supplier stationed in a foreign land isn't held to the same quality standards as one here. Remember, this is your health.

In addition, importing drugs or medical goods from other countries may be illegal. That means purchasing certain supplies or types of insulin without a prescription could land you in some hot water.

Prescription Required When Needed

If your type of insulin requires a prescription, whether federally or in your state, then you should only buy from online suppliers that check prescriptions thoroughly. Do not do business with a retailer that doesn't follow the rules.

Check the Shipping Policy

Diabetes supplies are not only delicate - they can also be contaminated, leading to infection. So, before you buy from an Internet store, find out how they handle their products. Do they package and handle them in a manner that's safe? What shipping methods do they use? Do they insure their shipments? How much does it cost? You should be asking these questions and any others that are pertinent to you.

Scan Customer Reviews

Before you buy a product online, you should read the customer reviews of both the online retailer and the product itself. For example, if you're in the market for a new test strip system, be sure to peruse the customer reviews of other users. They should be right on the retailer's website.

You should also read retailer reviewers. It's here that customers talk about a retailer's customer service, their shipping fees, return policy and the overall buying experience. To find reviews for online retailers, try sites like Nextag or Froogle.

Shy Away from eBay

Unless a seller has a stellar reputation with strong customer feedback from buyers who have purchased diabetes medical supplies specifically, then stay away. eBay is full of expired products, recalled brands and rejected stock items that aren't suitable for the regular market.

Unless you're buying from a seller that has excellent feedback from customers who have purchased diabetes medical supplies in the past, then you should stay away.

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