Six Critical Questions you MUST LEARN to save your sanity!

Go ahead, think of any problem you might be having and work your way through The Six Critical Questions above. This could be a problem you’re having with a son/daughter, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, a boss, a friend or a relative. It could be a problem with your weight, your health or your finances.

“Who Owns the Problem?” “What part of this problem do you own?”

“What part of this problem do you feel others might own?” Don’t allow yourself to get sucked in by taking on other people’s problems that you don’t own!

“Who Owns the Responsibility?” Look at the visual of the hand with one finger pointing out and three fingers coming back to you. “What part of this problem are you responsible for?” “What part of this problem do you feel others might be responsible for?”

“Who Made the Decisions?” “What decisions were made and who made them?” Again, don’t take on other people’s problems, responsibility and decisions if you want to save your sanity.

“Who Has the Power?” “What power do you have over this problem situation? What power does the other person involved have?”

“Who Has the Control?” “In this problem, what do you have control, influence or no control over?” Separating problems into these three areas will be priceless and save your sanity ten times over!

“Who Makes the Choices?” “In what way are the choices made responsible for the problem at hand?” “What choices can be made from this point forward in order to actually make this problem a great opportunity?

Keep The Six Critical Questions displayed prominently where you can see them on a regular basis. It will keep yourself and everybody you are associated with more focused when dealing with the daily problems of living. As a special gift from Dr. Mike and get Dr. Mike’s FREE Sanity Saving Guide at

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Dr. Mike Thomson has extensive professional experience, including working in the public school system, Supervision in the Department of Psychology and Psychiatry at The Mayo Clinic, Director of healthcare centers in Minnesota, Ohio and Sweden, an Adjunct Associate Professor with The Ohio State University and Ashland University , Certified Reality Therapist and President of Thomson ETC., Inc. and It’s All About Character, Inc. Dr. Mike, as he is known around the country, is the host of the award winning PBS series “In Search of Character” as well as author of “Strategies for Saving Your Sanity In The Classroom,” “Strategies for Saving Your Sanity In Parenthood,” “Getting Your Parents Off Your Back…And On Your Side,” and “It’s All About Character” with more books on the way. He's lectured to over 1.5 million people worldwide.