Today is my birthday! It's my magical day – the day I get to wish for my dreams to come true. Sure, I can wish for whatever I want every day (and I do), but today I get to blow out some candles and grin from ear to ear while my family sings to me. Then I read out loud their hilarious birthday cards while they laugh so hard they have to hold their tummies, and happy tears squeeze out the corners of their eyes. This is the magical day I was born 71 years ago.

I've heard people say: I don't celebrate my birthday anymore. I don't want to be reminded of how old I am.

Not me. I'm thrilled to tell my age to whoever will listen. Of course, that's now, because now the number of years I've been on Earth doesn't mean the same to me that it used to. To tell the truth, it's also fun to see how astonished people are when they find out my age.

I'm 71 today but I feel like I'm 35. Well, actually I feel 25 but who would believe me? I don't look 25 or 35 -- not even close -- but I've often been told I look far younger than my years.

Before I began my program for growing younger several years ago, I believed 70 was old. Heck, I believed 65 was old and to prove it to myself, I noticed my mind slipping when I was nearing my mid-60s. Alzheimer's! I told myself -- just like my mother.

My mother and I were very close when I was growing up and even after I moved away and had kids of my own -- so it was especially painful to watch her waste away with Alzheimer's. The last months of her life she didn't even know me!

After Mom died I began to worry that the same thing would happen to me. And because I focused on it, soon I found myself unable to remember recent events, I couldn't find the right words and my tongue stumbled when I spoke. It worried my kids so much, they insisted I go to the doctor for testing.

Some test! He gave me the standard Alzheimer's test and asked me tough questions like: What year is it? Who is President of the United States?

Well, I aced them all and he sent me on my way -- but I knew something was wrong. I knew my mind had changed dramatically from what it had been.

I noticed other changes, too. I had never been one to exercise -- whenever I'd get the urge to take a brisk walk, I'd lie down until it went away. As a result, my body and energy level were also succumbing to what I believed was an inevitable outcome with growing old. It was part of my belief system that growing old, with all the infirmities and fears normally associated with aging, was unavoidable.

That's because I had never seen anyone grow younger. I had never heard of anyone growing younger. So it didn't occur to me to use the Law of Attraction to grow younger, even though I had studied mind-spirit training for decades and applied the dynamics I learned to other aspects of my life for many years.

It was one fateful day when I took a trip down memory lane that I WOKE UP to the fact that I could also change the process of aging by applying Law of Attraction techniques I had successfully used in other areas of my life. Soon a whole program evolved along with a passion to share the information.

Changing your belief system is a big part of the process of growing younger. So is stopping in its tracks any negative programming as it arises. And so is deliberately reprogramming on a deeper level who you want to be as you age.

But that's not all. When you use the Law of Attraction, you will be prompted to take action to fulfill your desire. The Universe will plan the “how” and send you promptings and clues for you to take action. Techniques for growing younger will be brought to your attention and then it's up to you to do them. And if growing younger is a true desire, you'll have fun doing them.

I certainly do. If you happen to be on the dirt road near my house at 7 o'clock in the morning, that jogger with a big smile on her face is me!

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Ellen Wood, inspirational speaker and author of The Secret Method for Growing Younger - a Step-by-Step Guide based on the Law of Attraction, is a living example of the effectiveness of the processes she teaches. At 71, Ellen is pioneering a revolution in age-reversing consciousness. Her passion is to spread the joy of youthfulness from mind to mind until a critical mass is reached and elders become empowered, valued members of society. Her book is endorsed by Barbara DeAngelis PhD, and world-renowned physicians, including Norm Shealy MD, Larry Dossey MD, David Simon MD, Richard Moss MD and Mitchell Gibson MD. Download the Introduction and Chapters 1 and 2 for free at