In these turbulent times, financial crisis and uncertainty...are you still searching
for your perfect job?

Here's the thing...

Jobs are temporary things, often enticing on paper until you realise that as soon as you get comfortable in your position, it will change, your boss will change, your team will change or your organisation will change.

That is just the nature of business.

Therefore if you go into a job excited by the position or the person you will be working for and not the work itself, you often set yourself up to be disappointed.

When things get tight financially, jobs start to get 'trimmed'.

Instead your life work is around your natural talents and abilities..the things that bring you joy, inspiration and when you are doing those things time has no seems to be suspended.

I love how the people over at THINK TQ explain this with regard to what you VALUE, what your VISION is and the ROLE you will play...all of which reflects your MISSION.

Take for example one of my MISSIONS is 'build a passive income' my VALUES around that is my desire to' inspire' others, VISION is to work with 4 people helping them to reach their own authentic visions and goals...and the ROLE I play in this is 'coach'.

Now you can apply this to simple things like enjoyment of music, or parenting roles etc.

So why not find what will make your heart sing...AND build an income that will allow you to follow your heart.

Author's Bio: 

Delmae empowers time presured women,looking for a career change mentoring coaching them to make a dramatic difference though an alternative form of income, working from home.