Puppies are oftentimes too cute that we sometimes tend to just spoil them instead of training them. It's always best to train puppies while they are still young. Otherwise, you might encounter more serious behavioral problems when they age. One of the most common problems among puppies is puppy biting.

Excessive puppy biting sprung from habitual biting that has not been curtailed at an earlier stage. For a fact, puppies love to bite and chew. It's part of their nature. However, it does not mean that you cannot stop puppies from biting. It's not an excuse for them to grow old with that nasty habit.

For one, do not play with a puppy using your hands or feet. They might think that it is acceptable to bite people’s skin. You are only teaching them a bad habit that they might practice till they mature. There are many strategies on how to train a puppy from biting. Your presence is very important when the puppy commits a bad behavior so that you will be able to correct it right there and then. It isn't quite effective to implement a training regimen if you are not there to implement it yourself. However, for owners who can be with their puppy most of the time, you may begin the training with a simple obedience training using water.

You will need a spray or a water gun. You simply spray the gun lightly on the dog if he does something bad like biting. You have to ensure that you do this spraying as soon as he bites so that he would understand that this action is unacceptable. A puppy won’t stop biting unless you are patient enough to train him. Another possible method that you may do is the “yelp approach”. Saying NO is hardly effective but if you yelp and walk away when your puppy bites you, he would think that he bit you too hard. Just walk away after the biting and return with a toy.

Encourage the puppy to play with toys instead of feasting on your skin. Puppy biting can be constrained with this act since they would perceive that their biting is not playful anymore. Furthermore, yelping is not a very intimidating act. If verbal commands do not seem to be effective, you can use an empty can with pennies inside to capture your puppy’s attention. So, when your puppy bites, drop the can beside the puppy so you can get his attention to listen to your command instead of biting. It's a perennial question why puppies keep on biting. Puppy biting is basically just a phase and most puppies outgrow this phase as they mature.

However, a little training to stop puppies from biting can be helpful for dogs not to continue this nasty habit. Remember that puppies are like kids, they undergo certain phases in their lives, too. Meaning whether you like it or not, biting is just one of those phases a puppy will undergo. You have to prepare for it and be patient in dealing with it. By employing proper discipline at an early age, you will be able to help your puppy overcome the habit of biting.

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