Have you ever wondered why some people get all the breaks and always seem to be in the right place at the right time? Have you ever thought that it should have been you? Do you think you are missing out on opportunities and not living the life you should be?

Every day opportunities are available to us. How do we make sure that we don't miss any? The first step is to be open minded and listen to your intuition. Opportunities can come to us through many different avenues and in various forms. Sometimes you get a feeling that you should be somewhere or you should call someone. Don't ignore these feelings, sometimes they will lead you to an opportunity. And don't procrastinate - you will miss many opportunities if you do.

An opportunity may come to you from a newspaper or magazine article or from something you hear on the radio. It is important that you recognize an opportunity when it happens.

When you are in a situation, ask yourself if it could benefit you. Ask why is it happening to you. Always be alert to your circumstances, they can give you clues leading you to opportunities.

We all have different ways in which we are given intuitive information. This information can come through feelings (also known as gut feelings), thoughts or images. Pay close attention to the different ways in which your intuition communicates with you so when it happens you won't miss it. This guidance can transform your life in amazing ways.

Don't isolate yourself since opportunities will come to you from external sources. It is important to give yourself access to these sources by meeting more people, reading, surfing the web and listening to the radio and television.

When an opportunity is presented to you, keep an open mind and explore the benefits. Trust your feelings - does it make you feel excited? Can you visualize yourself in the situation? Can it lead you to your goal? You should have goals established so that you know which opportunities are suitable for you. Have your goals firmly implanted in your mind, so that your subconscious mind knows what you want and can lead you to achieving them through your intuition.

We live in such a hectic society, that many times we are in such a hurry, that we don't take the time to listen to our intuition and to analyze our situations to see if it could benefit us. Slow down and always stay aware of your situations and feelings. It could be your big opportunity calling you. The information that your intuition guides you to could drastically change and improve your life.

As Albert Einstein said "The only real valuable thing is intuition."

Author's Bio: 

Pat Evans is an internet entrepreneur with several businesses. Researching and studying all aspects of self development, she has incorporated this information, along with her own visions,  put it all together and established the web site Life's Instructions.com. This web site is designed to help people enrich their lives with hope, purpose and passion and to eliminate fear, loneliness and despair.  Visit her web site for a free newsletter and ebook.